5 Reasons To Give A Bad Kisser A Chance

Although kissing is just a kiss when you’re younger, as you get older kissing is usually first base on the way to a home run. It’s a taster, both literally and metaphorically, of what’s to come so if you encounter a bad kisser, it can throw you off a bit. Sometimes you meet someone totally hot who, when you go in for a kiss, is just not what you were expecting. If it's the type of thing that might make you stop and consider sending the person home, hold up for a second.

Bad kissing, I like to believe, is subjective. One person’s bad kisser might be another person’s perfect kisser. Some people are actually into lots of tongue, like choking type of tongue, while others are more lippy with just bits of tongue action. Since that’s the case, I think there’s something to work with there. You know, maybe by communicating with both words and your mouth and trying to find a middle ground. Kissing, just like every other sexual act, should be something of a compromise.

So if you find yourself kissing someone whose kisses don’t meet your level of “perfect," don’t totally give up on them just yet. If 81 percent of women are willing to give a bad kisser a second chance, then so can you. Here more reasons to give a bad kisser a chance.

1. You Can Give Them A Lesson

Since we’ve already established that kissing is subjective, there’s nothing wrong in telling your partner, “Hey, I really like you, but I feel like we need to make our kissing style more compatible.” You could battle it out with your tongues, as if you’re having some sort of tongue sword fight and hope you win, or you could just put it out there with words and be honest.

2. A Bad Kisser Doesn’t Mean They’re Bad In Every Other Department

I have always found that where someone might be lacking, they really excel in other places. For example, men with smaller penises can be amazing at oral, and this is coming from a woman who’s not even all that into receiving oral. So if we take that into consideration, maybe someone who’s not so great at kissing, could be killer in the sack anyway.

3. Kissing Isn’t Everything

Although personally I love a great makeout session, I have friends who can take it or leave it. Yes, there are people in the world who aren’t really into kissing! There’s also 10 percent of the world population who don’t kiss at all, according to research. So, if you fall into that 10 percent or you’re just simply not a big fan, who cares if you’re dating a bad kisser? Just don’t kiss them — find something else that's pleasurable for both of you. I’m sure you can find other things to do with each other’s mouths.

4. Realize That They May Not Enjoy Kissing

On the flip side, maybe it's just not their thing. Just like some people don't like oral sex or certain positions, some people may not be that into kissing. And, because there’s a phobia for everything, there’s actually a phobia of kissing, too. Philematophobia is actually the fear of kissing. So you might think that you’re kissing someone who’s simply bad at it, but in actuality, they might fear it so much they’re just incapable of being good at it. However, not all is lost. Therapy can help in discovering from where the problem stems and how it can, hopefully, be eradicated.

5. Believe In Evolution

From the moment human beings came into existence, we have evolved. We’ve learned to adapt, grow, and make ourselves better in order to fit into our surroundings. What this means is even if your initial kissing lessons didn’t really make your bad kissing partner see the light of day, that’s doesn’t mean that they can’t evolve over time and finally pick up the techniques that you’re putting down.

Someday you might finally end up kissing just like Allie and Noah, and isn't that ultimate goal? Obviously, it is! (I really need to stop spending my weekends watching The Notebook.)

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