All The Things You Still Ask Your Mom About

We've already discussed all the things we still ask our dads about (toilets? retirement? car oil?) and all the disclaimers as to why it's not only our dads that we ask about these things, so now let's move onto all the things we ask our moms about — because if we're being honest, that's probably who we call more often than not. Moms are superhuman warrior hero multi-tasking badas$ idols, and unfortunately, it often takes us far and well into adulthood before we realize that. The video, BuzzFeed's "Things We Still Ask Our Moms," even concludes with: "Mom, why did I ever want to move out? You annoyed the sh*t out of me when I was a teenager, but now, like, I really miss you." (We think that just about sums it up.)

Whether your mom worked, stayed home, did both or neither, she has a completely unrealized well of information that you'll find yourself needing approximately every three hours once you're officially out on your own. From the honest "Is my vagina supposed to do that?" to the desperate "I thawed chicken in the microwave and ate it, am I going to die?" to the mildly crucial "Do I ride my bike with or against traffic?" to the downright raw "How do I make a dentist appointment... can you do it with me?" you'll never feel as helpless as when you realize that your mom did more for you than you had any idea (and how, you know, have an idea because you have to do it for yourself). Check out the hauntingly familiar sounds of the typical Phone Call To Mom:

"Do you have credit? Can I have some?"

Moms are vagina gurus.

And knowers of all crucial things you never thought to ask...

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