Is A Victoria Beckham Beauty Line Coming?

Victoria Beckham's sense of style is probably what she's best known for. Well, that and a little girl group called The Spice Girls. However, since her time on stage, the star has risen to be one of the fashion elite. Now, Victoria Beckham may launch a beauty line, and if you've ever seen on the red carpet, it's not hard to see why she'd be the perfect celebrity to make the next foray into cosmetics. If she can make a product to give me cheek bones like her own, I'm totally on board.

Beckham's fashion empire has continued to expand at rapid rates over the past several years. Her clothing line is massively successful, and the demand for a more affordably priced counterpart is finally being answered. Clearly, her designs are of an extremely high caliber. She appeared on the cover of Vogue wearing her very own line for crying out loud. Plus, she's since expanded into footwear — even if you can't make the purchases as of right now. With the fashion world practically taken by storm, there are only a few more places that the former Spice Girl can branch out into. Thankfully, one of those avenues is beauty, and boy, would she have a killer line!

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In an interview with The Telegraph , the fashion icon gave just the briefest of hints that a beauty line may be in her future. About the possibility, she said that it was something to "go into at some point." Beckham chose not to elaborate more than this in the interview but all it takes it a little glimmer of hope. After all, her expansion has continued over the years, why should a Victoria Beckham beauty line not be the next logical step?


While Beckham may be most well known for her fashion sense, her beauty game is equally as strong — consistently so. From her contoured cheekbones to her smoky cat eye, the beauty star has had quite a few beauty moments that prove her foray into the beauty world would be a total dream.

2015 Met Gala

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Those straight brows are thick and killer!

2008 Vogue Uk Cover

I know this cover is old, but it's so rare to see Beckham with a subtle eye. This is just proof that she's got that look down, too.

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Gala


Is that smoky eye not one of the most incredible makeup moments this year? I can only image the shadows she'd create.

Glamour Women of the Year 2015

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This paired down eye look is stunning, and the soft eye liner is my favorite part.

Vogue Australia Cover

Beckham's nude lip on this cover was everything. Perfect for those incredibly contoured cheeks.

Images: Vogue Australia; Vogue UK