10 Need-To-Know Mac Shortcuts

Because you can never have too many tech tips and tricks, here — let's take a look at 10 essential Mac shortcuts everyone should know about. Created by HouseholdHacker — the same YouTube channel behind the essential Windows shortcuts video we took a look at earlier this week — it walks us through all the nifty Mac tricks you probably aren't using, but definitely should. What a time to be alive, no?

This is a confession I've made a few times before, but I feel it's worth noting again: I do not understand Macs. I grew up with PCs, and despite the fact that every computer in my high school's computer lab was a Mac, I just can't wrap my brain around how they work (even though I seem to get along with Siri just fine). This is not a failing in the computers; it's a failing in myself. I say all this because what it amounts to is the fact that I have never owned a Mac — and as such, I haven't actually been able to test out these shortcuts myself. But! Given that the Windows ones all worked when I gave them a shot, I feel confident that the Mac ones will be similarly successful.

Just, y'know… FYI.

In any event, though, I'm sure that for Mac users, these tips are going to be quite worthwhile, indeed. Here are a few highlights; scroll down to watch the full video for all 10 shortcuts.

1. To Fine-Tune Your Volume Adjustment:

Hold Option and Shift, then hit the volume up or down key as needed. When you adjust the sound in the manner most people use — that is, just hitting the volume up or down key — it results in a six percent increase or decrease in the level of sound each time you tap the button. Using Option + Shift + volume key, however, results in a 1.5 percent change — which, in turn, gives you a lot more control over how loud your volume actually is. You can pull the same trick using the brightness key, too.

2. To Take A Screenshot:

To capture a specific area of your screen, press Command, Shift, and the number four key; then highlight the area you want to capture. To capture the entire screen, press Command, Shift, and the number three key. Voila!

3. To Force-Quit An App Or Program:

Hit Command, Option, and Escape to bring up something similar to the Windows Task Manager. From there, you can select the app you want to force-quit — just, y'know, in case it froze up on you or something. It happens.

4. To Switch Between Apps Or Programs With Ease:

Hold Command, then use Tab to switch between programs. There's a Windows equivalent to this one, too — instead of Command, hold Alt, then use Tab to accomplish the same thing — and yet for some reason I keep forgetting to use it. Time to work on building up some new habits, methinks.

5. To Clean Up Your Desktop:

Select all the things you want to lean up; then press Command, Control, and the N key. It'll stick all those files into one handy new folder.

Watch the full video below:

Images: Pexels; HouseholdHacker/YouTube (5)