Behold This Kid Learning He'll Have A 5th Sister

So, you know when you miss a pretty important work deadline only because you completely forgot and didn't take 10 seconds to write it down somewhere? You know when you realize you're three days late to send in your electric bill and you have family coming over and you'd prefer that your lights don't shut off while you're pretending to have your life together? You know when you take a photo of a conversation with someone and then accidentally send it to them when you meant to send it to another friend? Do you know that feeling? From the darkest corners of the Internet has emerged a little boy who also knows that feeling, as he has just found out that he will be getting a fifth sister.

Originally posted on the "Life of Dad" Facebook page, the photo features a child surrounded by four sister princesses, the one to the left of him holding a sonogram (and making a delightfully evil expression). There's another princess dress on the bed for the new sister-to-be, and the poor kid is holding is head with his eyes widened and his mouth dropped a bit. Can we blame him? Not really. But the little family fleet of (almost) six is adorable regardless, and that kid is going to be an incredible partner one day. (Can you imagine on a first date: "I get it, I had five sisters growing up." Yeah, we can't either. Gold.) Check out the photo below, and commiserate with the lone brother, as his expression sums up more of your life than you probably ever want to admit.

Hang in there, little dude. And if you need someone to talk Disney Princesses with, don't worry — we've more than got you covered.

Images: Facebook; ABC