Eddie May Be Down 1 Girlfriend After 'Below Deck'

The Nov. 17 episode of Below Deck had as many waves in it as the ocean the extravagant Eros traverses. Though the season has been fraught with sexual tension between the two star-crossed lovers, Below Deck's Eddie Lucas and Raquel “Rocky” Dakota Barlow, last week’s episode finally delivered us a breaking point. Following a long night of drinking during a 24-hour respite from work, Eddie and Rocky hooked up, even though Eddie had a girlfriend at the time. So, what does Eddie's girlfriend think of Rocky? Well, first she likely needed to sort out what even happened.

Though everyone seemed to have harbored crushes on Eddie in the past, his and Rocky’s on-and-off flirtation soon escalated past the point of harmless. Rocky texted Eddie that the two of them had been “EYE DOING it for long enough,” and “this needs to happen.” Eddie, perhaps feeling the guilt of possibly infringing on his monogamous status, balked a little, but when Rocky beckoned him to the cabin laundry room, it was pretty much like “Girlfriend? What girlfriend?” Granted, Rocky was wearing a poncho, which I have always highly considered the aphrodisiac of clothing (cape category). The two then got it on like Donkey Kong — or, at least that’s what Bravo lead us to believe, cueing up some moans cut with the whirr of household appliances.

Then, during a hectic time catering to a UFC fighter and his crew’s specific dietary restrictions, Rocky sent another flirty text, but bless his heart if he didn't pull the old “I’m too tired” trick out of the deck. But eventually caved and they headed back to the laundry room.

What happened next was a case of “he said, she said,” or rather — “he says nothing for fear of being caught by a potentially angry future ex-girlfriend; she says everything to everybody because she’s really stoked.”

Though the finale episode featured a brush with a potential finger amputation, Rocky and Eddie’s ridiculous saga still somehow take center stage. Infidelity has always been fodder for drama, and this instance is no different. As for what Eddie's GF thinks about the whole thing, since there has been a suspicious lack of her in recent social media posts where there was once a plethora of pics, it's easy to believe she may have found about her cheating boyfriend before the premiere of this show and dumped him.

Or, even if she didn't know before, she most certainly does now, so, unless they really put in the work to fix things, I foresee this relationship ending poorly. Hopefully, though, his girlfriend doesn't place the blame solely on Rocky's shoulders, since both parties are definitely to blame — no matter what Eddie wants everyone to think.

Images: Bravo (2)