Sorting Out Rocky & Eddie's 'Below Deck' Situation

I'm pretty sure every Below Deck fan remembers where they were when Eddie fell from grace. As soon as Eddie's fling with Rocky began, things just got worse and worse. We all know that Eddie has been in a long-term relationship since the beginning of the series, and he always seemed to be very committed to that relationship as well as his self-imposed rule of never hooking up with a coworker. So, what exactly happened between Rocky and Eddie? As it turns out, a lot. It wasn't just a one night thing, and even though Eddie tried to portray it as such, Rocky wasn't the one who initiated it.

Sure, Rocky immediately let us know through interviews that she found Eddie to be super hot from the get-go. There's nothing wrong with admiring something that you find attractive. Rocky even acknowledged that he was off-limits because he had a girlfriend. She didn't seem to be setting out or planning to break up a relationship. Eddie may have tried to make it seem like she chased him, but through the magic of television, the entire affair was caught on tape. That includes the super steamy text messages sent between the two.

From all accounts, it appears that Eddie was the one who texted Rocky suggestively to begin their laundry room trysts. Sure, after the first encounter it did seem that Rocky pursued him pretty aggressively but he was more than willing.

When Rocky finally came clean to Amy about hers and Eddie's situation, she claimed that there were three encounters in the laundry room and one in the restroom. That doesn't seem like a quick mistake to me, even though Eddie really tried to make it seem like that towards the end of the season. He even went as far as denying it to Rocky's face when he was confronted by the rest of the crew. If I didn't know any better, I would've believed him because his performance was spot on.

Luckily, this whole thing is being filmed for a reality show (DUH), so we know the truth. Eddie, being the relatively smart human being that he is, must've realize this fact too because he eventually came clean to the entire crew about their affair. Everyone seemed really lighthearted about it, making jokes and talking about it like it wasn't even really that big of a deal. The real drama came when Captain Lee took Eddie aside and told him exactly how disappointed he was in him and his actions. He looks up to Captain Lee and respects his opinion. Hearing from him that he was genuinely disappointed in him, suddenly turned Eddie into a giant jerk. He started claiming that it was Rocky who made the entire affair happen, and basically calling her a mistake to her face. Not cool.

Unfortunately, this entire thing really showed his true colors. Rocky was no angel, but Eddie really acted like a completely different person. I lost complete respect for him when he said in an interview that he knew it was wrong to sleep with Rocky, but she has a "nice ass." No one deserves to be treated like that. I really look forward to seeing these two interact and hash out their experience on the reunion show, because there's some definite things that need to get sorted out between the two of them.

Images: Denis Contreras/Bravo; Screenshot/Bravo; Giphy