Taylor Swift Partied Hard Last Night

After the awards have been handed out and the drinks have been served and the snubs have been snubbed, everyone who attended the Golden Globes goes to after parties and hangs out with the people that it actually makes sense for them to be around. Case in point, Taylor Swift, Sarah Hyland, Jaime King, and Hailee Steinfeld danced to Missy Elliot after the Golden Globes when they all attended the same party. They may be forced to sit separately while at the awards show (I saw you up front next to Julia Roberts, Taylor!), but after it ends everyone finds their clique and gets partying. It wouldn't make sense for Taylor Swift to hang out and make funny Instagram videos with Steve McQueen, Andy Samberg, and Emma Thompson. Nope. No matter how much more we'd rather see that video, those people just do not go together.

So Swift, Hyland, King, and Steinfeld met up at an after party, and like everything else the Swift Gang (that's what they're called now, by the way) does, they documented their experience on Instagram. Remember Hyland and Swift hanging out on New Year's Eve? Or Swift and Steinfeld's Christmas cookie extravaganza? This video of the group dancing to "Work It" is just one more addition to Taylor Swift and friends' digital collection of innocent fun.

Hyland, star of Modern Family which was nominated for Best Television Series: Comedy or Musical, spoke with E! News and said she couldn't wait to "dance and party the night away" with her buddy Taylor Swift adding that, "She’s a close friend of mine. I love her … hopefully we’ll be able to meet up." Swift was also nominated for an award, Best Original Song for the film "One Chance."

It looks like Hyland's plan worked out. In the video the whole crew can be seen dancing to the song like they're at the fanciest high school prom you ever did see.

The ladies also posted some pictures from the party. Here Swift can be seen practicing her "Ughhh Justin Bieber" face.

Jaime King captioned this one, "With these beauties @haileesteinfeld @taylorswift #goldenglobes Dance the night away!!!

They also practiced their vogue-ing.

And just so we know they didn't stage the whole thing in Swift's living room. There's official pics too!

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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Images: Getty; Jaime King/Instagram, Sarah Hyland/Instagram