6 Ways 'PLL' Was Almost A Different Show

There are so many variables that come into play when it comes to a successful TV show, from the story lines, to the dialogue, to the casting, to the promotion, and more. So it make sense to say that if one or more of those factors changed, you would be watching a totally different show. Case in point: Pretty Little Liars. Fans love the show the way it is today, but what if some of the elements were different? Luckily for us fans, we'll never have to know anything different than the Pretty Little Liars we watch today. But things could have easily been different — very different.

There are plenty of ways that Pretty Little Liars could have been nothing like the show we know today. For instance, it is based on a book series of the same name and, like most adaptations, the television series is not following the plot of the books completely. But what if it did? We would be watching a distinctly different show, that's for sure. What if other actresses played the the characters that we love? That was actually a possibility, too.

Check out six major ways Pretty Little Liars was almost unrecognizable to what we've grown to know and love.

1. Ashley Benson Isn't The Only One Who Wanted To Play Hanna

Believe it or not, Lucy Hale, Sasha Pieterse, and Bianca Lawson were all vying for the role of Hanna. As we all know now, Ashley Benson was the perfect fit for the role.

2. Caleb's Character Does Not Exist In The Books

The romance between Caleb and Hanna is a major part of the television series, so it's crazy to think that the show might have existed without one of its most epic love stories.

3. Shay Mitchell & Janel Parrish Wanted To Play Spencer

I honestly could never imagine Shay Mitchell playing the part of such a tough, type A person like Spencer, but that's what she wanted to do. Thankfully, she was chosen to play Emily instead. As for Janel Parrish, I just cannot picture her as anyone other than Mona Vanderwaal.

4. Hanna Dated Aria's Brother In The Book Series

In the show, Hanna revealed that she hooked up with Aria's brother Mike and that Ali kept it a secret. But in the books, the two characters have a special romantic relationship.

5. Emily Fields Had A Baby In The Book

On the show, Emily has had many love interests. But in the book, Emily has a baby before her senior year of high school, hides the pregnancy from her parents, and gives the baby up for adoption. This is something that would have been so out of left field as a story line on the television series.

6. Brant Daughtery Auditioned For More Than One Role

Originally Brant Daughtery set out to play Ezra Fitz, but that did not work out. Then he was vying for the role of Toby Cavanaugh and he was turned down for a second time. Finally, he found his fit playing Noel Kahn.

When it all comes down to it, I enjoy PLL for the show that it is now with the characters I have gotten to know. Some of these plot lines I would love to see unfold on television, and there are others that I just wouldn't have been able to handle.

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