How To Make Tights Last Longer

If you love wearing skirts and dresses, then you probably live in tights during the winter. Buying fun patterns and colors is great, but spending money on the same pair of basic black tights over and over again when yours get worn out isn't exactly exciting. You want to make sure you do whatever you can to make your tights last as long as possible. And the one thing you absolutely need to do is going to seriously surprise you. Spoiler: It has nothing to do with how you wash them.

Taking proper care of your tights is important, and you absolutely want to make sure you are washing and drying them correctly, but if you want your tights to last you all winter long, put them in the freezer before wearing them. Yeah, you read that correctly.

It might sound like an old wives tale, but it's totally legit. The number one reason you have to constantly toss your tights and buy new ones is because they rip and snag, but freezing them before you wear them helps make sure they won't rip as easily. Interested in how it all works? Not only is it easy, but it won't take you long at all. Here's how to freeze your tights and ensure they last more than one season.

1. Run Your New Tights Under Water

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Do not wear your tights right away. Right after you take your new tights out of their package, run them under water.

2. Wring Them Out & Place Them In A Plastic Bag

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Don't just throw your tights inside the freezer next to your pint(s) of ice cream. Wring them out and place them in a ziplock bag.

3. Freeze Them Overnight

I know the waiting game can be painful, but it'll be worth it!

4. Let Them Defrost

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Don't thaw them in the microwave! Just let them thaw out at room temperature.

Et, voila! Your tights will be good to go. Of course, let them dry before you walk out in the freezing temperatures in them.

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