Gigi Hadid Wears Cape To Make A Basic Outfit Super Polished — PHOTO

This girl always looks amazing, and that’s partially due to her amazing team of stylists and makeup gurus. Gigi Hadid wore a beige ensemble to an event that celebrated the launch of Monica Rose's jewelry collection. Rose has been know to style the model a time or two, so of course, Hadid was amongst the group of celebrities that came out to support her. Stylish and a good friend — she really is the best.

Hadid kept her look mostly casual, wearing a simple turtleneck and white distressed jeans, but she topped the outfit off with a beige cape. And that’s what really took the look to the next level. This outer layer was able to pull everything together into a sleek and very polished ensemble. Clearly, Hadid and I do casual differently — but not for long!

There are a variety of capes that are available to shop that will give any outfit a more polished feel. So, Hadid, in terms of style status, I’m coming for you. I so badly want to be on her level, and you will, too, once you see the model’s monochromatic outfit. After you're feeling all inspired, shop similar capes so that the next time you wear a pair of jeans and a turtleneck, it can looks just as good as this.

That cape made this look so classy. It's simply amazing.

1. Blazer Cape

Collarless Cape Blazer, $96.74, ASOS

This cape blazer will take you to Hadid-status in no time.

2. Full Closure Cape

Cape Dreams, $135.51, Ashley Stewart

This is so chic that it won't matter what you wear underneath it.

3. Maxi Cape

On The Fly Cape Jacket, $98, Nasty Gal

Go a little longer with your cape jacket for even more of a dramatic statement.

4. Zippered Cape

Zip-Up Maxi Cape, $125, Urban Outfitters

A zipper makes a cape even easier to throw on and cover up that t-shirt you're rocking underneath it. No one will ever know!

5. Fur Accented Cape

Hooded Wool Cape, $74.99, fullbeauty

A wool, fur-accented cape will keep you looking cute, even when it's cold out.

6. Cropped Trench Cape

Rayanne Cape Coat, $50, Nasty Gal

This looks exactly like a trench coat, but in cape form. So, it'll surely keep you looking good, but even at your most casual.

Go out there and strut your stuff just as well as Hadid in a cape coat look that's all your own.


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