Family Wins Thanksgiving With Drake & Adele Mashup

This holiday season I will be sitting at home, clutching a pillow tight and wondering why on earth my family's Thanksgiving mashup video never came out like the Holderness family one. My Thanksgiving is a very Russian Thanksgiving. We have a lot of food, but with the notable exception of the turkey, most of it is strictly Russian. And nothing says American Thanksgiving like eating the Russian version of the ham salad. (Help me.)

I don't know what it is about this family's mashup that got me. Is it their all American Thansgiving-ness that make me wish I was enveloped in their arms? Maybe it's their adorable bundle of photogenic kids? And the grandparents! Don't forget the grandparents that were so down to make a Thanksgiving themed mash-up video. That is the type of teamwork that makes me understand the underlying message of any Christmas movie. You know what? I think it's honestly the Dad's sweater that got me. It's the perfect level of mature and well dressed. This man knows what he wants, and it's not a red convertible in his garage. It's his family singing "Jelllllllo, it's supposed to be desserrrrrt" over Adele's "Hello."

This family mashed-up some of the most popular songs of today for this amazing video. I've watched a few of their other ones and this family is too wholesome for me to handle. It's like the nuclear family evolved to be better and nicer, and happier. This family is the future.

1. Most Thanksgivings

While Hallmark and Hollywood want to make it seem like the holidays are magical times to be with loved ones, reality says otherwise. Nice family dinners usually become battle zones for hard topics and stress. But don't worry. The food thing is really a cure-all.

2. Someone Is Going To Get Too Drunk

Inevitably someone is going to get too drunk and do their best impression of Drake's Hotline Bling video moves. Get you Vine cameras ready.

3. When Someone Wakes You Up From A Food Coma

It's going to feel just like that. I know, because I've been there.

4. You're Going Miss It Once It's Over

Hellllllllo. It's me. I was wondering if we could do this every single year.

If you want to see the Holderness family's full mashup, BEHOLD in all of its glory:

Images: YouTube