7 Practical Things You Need To Do To Enjoy Life

We're constantly inundated with material on how to be more productive, how to be better at love, and how to, essentially, be more superior humans — and though all of that is wonderful and (mostly) positive and certainly has its place, the other reality is that we rarely learn how to truly enjoy our daily lives, and as we grow up, this becomes more and more important to do.

If you ask an adult what they do for fun, they probably don't have an answer. They work, they spend time with their loved ones, they maybe exercise, take a class here and there or enjoy one particular genre of reading, but they don't do anything for actual *fun.* And the truth is that you don't need to be diving off planes or backpacking through Malawi to enjoy your life — you just have to be able to prioritize, streamline, and, of course, know yourself well enough to know what matters to you, as much if not more than grinding for the paycheck.

Enjoying every day of your life seems impossible until you begin to practice it, and then you begin to wonder how you ever lived otherwise. It's not only possible, it's pretty much the simplest thing there is to do (and perhaps the most important?) you just have to learn how. Here, a few things you must know to learn to make the most out of your life, because as we all know, our lives will ultimately culminate into what we did each day... so we need to make it worth it.

Build A Savings Account

This may seem random, but when your financial stability isn't contingent on your next paycheck, you're able to loosen the reigns a bit at work. This doesn't mean you slack off! It just means you're able to do your job and then shut down for the day and not have anxiety about it later. We underestimate how closely work anxiety is connected to financial anxiety.

Take Time To Teach Yourself To See Your Life Objectively

If there's anything that sucks the time and energy out of our lives, it's focusing on small, subjective problems that are really only a big deal in your head. If you develop the ability to see your life objectively, you begin to realize how solvable most problems are, if not impermanent altogether.

Actually Get Out There And Try Different Things

Sign up for different classes, say "yes" to invitations you normally wouldn't, and open your mind and heart to what you're truly interested in. You need to be able to give yourself a chance to discover what you love, not just assume you don't have anything at all.

Follow Your Joy, And Let It Evolve

Perhaps the reason you aren't loving your life so much is that you're trying to fill it with activities you used to enjoy and people you used to get along with. Give yourself space and permission to grow and evolve.

Get Very Routine About The "Must Dos"

Very successful people tend to make it a habit of doing the most important tasks of the day first thing in the morning. If you set aside a little bit of quiet, distraction-free time while your energy is at its highest, you'll be more productive and therefore will actually have more time to dedicate to what you actually want to be doing.

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

You're not going to get to every single thing you want to do in a day, and that's totally fine: it's just a matter of deciding what's most important, and then putting that first. Most of the time, we put stress first, but with a little practice, we can learn that focusing on our stress doesn't resolve it, injecting our day with more of what we actually want to be doing, however, does.

Make Things Fun, Rather Than Seeking Out Fun

Realize that enjoyment is something you give, not something you get. You can make your current job as fun as you once felt about a night out on the town if only you put forth an honest effort. You aren't going to find an enjoyable life one day, you're going to create it, piece by piece.

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