11 Things Heartbroken 'Hunger Games' Fans Know

One of the most interesting things about how The Hunger Games franchise ends is its avoidance of the typical "happy ending." It seems to coincidentally be an analogue for the way we, as fans, feel displaced and a bit jarred by the series ending in general. Because when it comes to the ending of your favorite franchises, is there ever really a happy one? It's always tainted by some aspect of an inevitable let-down. We've now spent four years patiently (OK — impatiently) awaiting each premiere with the same amount of enthusiasm. And then to just have it all end now that The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 is in theaters? We may have known it was coming, but that doesn't make it hurt any less.

I know, I know, the film will live on in our hearts and souls forever, etc., obviously, but as far as new material goes, we won't be getting a Mockingjay, Part 3 because, well, there is no Mockingjay, Part 3. We've reached the end of the plot. I guess that's the nature of making a movie franchise out of a series of books. You can't replicate the Fast and Furious franchise — the one that just keeps going, and going, and going. To keep fans pleased, it's in their best interest to end when the books do.

So for all those who are feeling more bitter than sweet about the franchise's end right now, here are 11 things only those of us mourning the end of The Hunger Games understand — because, seriously, these are rough times.

1. That Novembers Will Never Be the Same

The most recent three films have premiered in November, which makes you wonder what you will have to look forward to now that November 2016 is without a Hunger Games film? Pie?! Not enough. (Close, though.)

2. Having To Switch Theaters So You Can See it 5 Times Without Judgement

The ticketer giving you the side-eye for coming three days in a row (alone) is not appreciated.

3. Knowing Part 2 Won't Be Out on DVD For Like, Ever


4. Only Being Able To Bring Up The Films So Many Times

Before your friends start to seriously worry about you.

5. Getting Upset When You See A Loaf Of Bread

Bread now makes you sad, which is extra sad, because it is delicious.

6. Having Rue's Whistle Song Stuck In Your Head Forever

You hear it when you're driving. You hear it when you're eating. You hear it when you're sleeping.

7. Hiding All Of Your Hunger Games Memoribilia

It's too raw right now.

8. Why You'll Only Wear Army Pants & Combat Boots

Katniss Everdeen wore army pants and combat boots, and so I bought army pants and combat boots (and now exclusively wear them in her honor). Also, I hear her braid's insured for $10,000.

9. Getting Mad When You See The Cast In Other Roles

Like, what is Gale doing in this rom-com?! Get out of here, Gale!

10. Knowing That No Other Franchise Can Take Its Place

No shade on other series, but no matter how many times people try to compare a movie to The Hunger Games, you know they are different, and that one cannot replace the other.

11. The Knowledge That Even The Books Can't Fill The Hole In Your Heart

They just won't. You wish they would and you keep trying to make them, but at the end of the day, they just won't.

Look at it this way: If Katniss and the gang can get through the literal Hunger Games, I mean... I guess we can get through the pain of knowing the Hunger Games movie series is over.

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