Kate Hudson's Tribute To Mom Goldie Is So Sweet

If there were a best celebrity daughter in the world award, Kate Hudson would probably win it. Saturday night, Hudson paid tribute to mom Goldie Hawn with the sweetest Instagram video and caption, in honor of her famous parent's 70th birthday. The actress posted her message on the social media app on the evening of Hawn's birthday, and she succeeding in awing her followers with her thoughtfulness.

Hudson is one lucky woman to have such a talented, cool person for mom. At 70, Goldie Hawn is radiant, beautiful, and as talented as ever, although she hasn't done much screenwork in awhile. The poem and video that Hudson posted to her Instagram are a declaration of love for her mother, and it's clear that Hawn has been an amazing, inspiring parent to Hudson and her brothers.

The full poem was posted as a caption to Hudson's video for Hawn, which features "Army," a beautiful song off of Ellie Goulding's latest album Delirium. You can read the heartfelt poem in full on the actress' Instagram post, but here is one of its most heartfelt verses:

"On this day in the clouds I'm sure// A man had a plan for the twenty first// He took a sweet soul and said its time my dear// You must go back down to share your cheer// Your beauty will please// Your laughter will spread//"

If that didn't make your heart swell, I don't know what will. With this poem, Hudson is saying that she's always known her mother was destined for great things, and that one of her main purposes on this Earth is to spread happiness, joy, laughter, and beauty, both inside and out.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hudson went on to describe her mom's individuality, saying: "She had no clue on that day what would be// And day by day it seemed God made her special in some way// She never seemed to follow in line// Always a bit on the outside, goofy by design//"

Not only is Hawn extremely individualistic, but she also doesn't let what other people say get to her, even though she's been looked at as different throughout her life., As the poem goes on to say, Hawn has only continued to wow with her kindness and strong spirit, something that Hudson is clearly proud to see.

As for the video itself? It's so gorgeous that it looks like a celebrity perfume ad. Hudson definitely inherited a good eye for aesthetic from her mother. In a world full of people who are eager to drag others down, it's great that Hudson and her brothers have an amazing woman like Hawn to look up to. They're lucky to call her their mother. Happy birthday, Goldie!