Amy Vachal's Non-'Voice' IG Pics Reveal A Lot

The Voice Season 9 is down to its Top 11 singers and the competition is fierce. While it's been all about the music for the past few weeks, this season's contestants also have lives outside of the show, too. Voice contestant Amy Vachal's Instagram photos reveal she has quite a cool life on the show, as well as off. The crooner originally came from Brooklyn, where she was living a full life of performing, recording, and paying the rent — you know, living that music life in New York City.

Like many of the contestants, Vachal has been posting lots of fun behind-the-scenes photos from The Voice, like choosing which shoes to wear or just chillin' with teammate Jordan Smith, who is also on Adam Levine's team. But, her Instagram photos also offer a glimpse of her life way before she absolutely stunned audiences with her jazzy version of Drake's "Hotline Bling" during the live playoffs. "Living in New York, sometimes you're lucky and sometimes you're very unlucky," she told NBC News. "I went through many different waitress jobs. I worked in a bakery. I worked in a bar...From month to month it's really a surprise. It's like, 'How am I going to make this work?'"

And, she totally did make it work. Here's a taste of Vachal's off-stage life from her IG photos.

1. She's Sporty

This photo shows Vachal riding a horse, giving us the sense that she's a sporty gal. Before getting serious about her music, Vachal was a competitive athlete at Swathmore College, but had to give it up after a pretty bad concussion during lacrosse. "I had to give up sports altogether and that was a big part of my life," she told NBC News. But, it looks like Vachal can still play for fun.

2. She Hangs Out With Family

Before leaving for Los Angeles to be on The Voice, Vachal took this photo during a pep talk lunch with her older brother Jake in NYC. She even gave him the honor of the hashtag #bestbrotherever. Aww!

3. She Appreciates The Little Things

In the caption of this photo, Vachal stated that she took this snap by accident, but saw the beauty in this random person wearing balloons as the sun sets. "Life is baffling. And beautiful," she wrote in the rest of the caption.

4. She Roots For The N.Y. Giants

As a Giants fan myself, I have to say Vachal has good taste in football teams — and also some darn good seats!

5. She Loves A New York City Day

Vachal took this lovely video right in the heart of NYC's Washington Square Park, and it's always a good day when that fountain is turned on.

6. She Gets Caught In The Rain, Too

NYC weather is so unpredictable, even for Voice contestants like Vachal.

7. She's An Artist In More Ways Than One

Not only is Vachal a talented singer, but it looks like she's also talented with a pencil and paper, showing that she's a true creative in everything she does.

Image: Trae Patton/NBC