I Tested Kylie Jenner's Travel Beauty Products

It’s time to face the facts: Kylie Jenner knows her beauty products. Say what you will about the Kardashian/Jenner clan, but I mean not even I (far from a believer) could deny the youngest’s taste in beauty products. So when she posted her specific list of products to travel with, what’s a beauty junkie and Jenner skeptic to do? Try them, of course.

Beauty buffs ‘round the world were shocked when Jenner first revealed her super-secret recipe to traveling. Why? Because... we can afford it. Gasp. Well, most of them at least. I appreciate the specifically curated list, which has a mix of drugstore buys, spiced up with some higher end pieces. It’s efficient but luxurious. That’s actually my approach to my beauty routine: Save on the classics (I’ll only ever swear by my $2 baby oil for makeup removal), and splurge on the stuff you really care about ($40 Oribe anti-humidity spray, I’ll never abandon you).

So, I did it. I pretended the sweaty 6 train was actually my own swanky private jet and felt what it feels like to be Kylie Jenner. And you know what? It felt pretty damn good.

Facial Spray

Let me just start off by saying: I don't like spraying myself in the face. I had, in fact, never done that before trying the renowned Mario Badescu rosewater spray. I felt vulnerable, to be honest. But I kept it at my desk, and found myself reaching for it midday. It's kind of like an instant, hydrating wakeup call. I would imagine this to be an awesome pick-me-up after sitting in stale plane air.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray, $7, Check It Out

Vitamin-E Oil

I am all about the oils, thanks to my lovely patches of eczema that crop up all over my body. This one was a little thicker than the body and face oils that I’m used to using, but my dry patches (hello, elbows) really do need that much hydration.

Nature's Bounty Vitamin E Oil, $7.50, Amazon

I would recommend washing your hands after applying, and using before bed.

Spray-On Suntan

This stuff is powerful. It's the big leagues, best for spray tan devotees. I struggled to get an even spray—but I’m sure Kylie is an expert by now.

Suvara Spray On Sun Bronzing Spray, $34.95, Amazon

Body Mist

The Jenners: They’re just like us! OK, but seriously. I’ve been buying body mist at Victoria’s Secret since I graduated into underwire bras in fifth grade. This one’s a classic. Vanilla? Good. Coconut? Good. Price tag much less than that of a new perfume? Good.

Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Body Mist, $14, Amazon


La Mer is queen of the world. Seriously. From start to finish, this moisturizer feels like you’re just chilling on a cloud of beauty goodness. And, of course, with that hefty price tag, it should. It’s ultra-hydrating, which is perfect for dried-out travel skin. From the packaging to the texture to the light fragrance, this moisturizer is a winner.

La Mer Body Creme, $185, Check It Out

Cleansing Soap

I’m not going to lie: I’m a sucker when it comes to dermatologist-recommended stuff. I mean, it’s his or her job to know good skin. And if the doc’s name is stamped on the product itself? Must be a winner. And I continued to think that even after trying the product, which, I honestly am not sure how I felt about.

I have pretty problem-free skin. I know, poor me, but it does make it a little more difficult to tell if a cleanser is really working. Instead, I judge it based on personal preference. This one comes out super watery — it lathers more than I was expecting, but it’s more of a straight liquid than a soap. I felt like it gave me a nice, basic clean: I’d definitely use it for a refreshing wash after travel, but maybe use something more invigorating to get rid of makeup and built-up oil.

Christie Kidd's Clean Natural Face Cleanser, christiekidd.com

Lip Scrub and Balm

My first thought: Who really needs a lip scrub, Kylie? Princesses? Well, turns out, I need lip scrub. Especially when it’s cold out and chapped lips are a given. Yay for cosmetics — no more flakes for me.

Lip Luxe Whipped Lip Scrub, $13, mizzicosmetics.com; Lip Luxe Honey Kiss Lip Balm, $12, mizzicosmetics.com

This is a two-step process: First, exfoliate the lips with the scrub, whisking away any flaky skin. Second, seal it with the balm. I really loved the sweet, almondy scrub in combination with the citrus-y balm. I actually started incorporating this into my morning and night routine. Safe to say, I’m a lip scrub convert.

All in all, I'd say Kylie's travel products are pretty darn solid. And when you consider the price of the products, it's a routine that's totally doable for non-Kardashians. Yes, the La Mer cream was a bit pricey, so I'd probably swap that for something about a tenth of the cost. Otherwise? I think Kylie's travel routine just became my travel routine.

Images: Christine Flammia; Getty