Cyrus Revealed A Secret On 'The Royals'

The new King Cyrus on Season 2 of The Royals may be fun to watch, but he wouldn't be so fun to have as your country's ruler. Liam has been suspecting him of killing his father Simon, but Cyrus said he had cancer on The Royals during the Nov. 22 episode. Wait — wha?? When Liam found Cyrus in a glass hyperbaric chamber, Cyrus admitted to having "cancer in my balls" and that he was getting treatment the night that King Simon was attacked. It seemed much too obvious to have Cyrus be responsible for Simon's death, but does that mean that Cyrus is really dying? The current king thrives on manipulation, so could he have been lying to his nephew?

As Liam astutely stated, it seems a bit odd that Cyrus would prefer to be the number one suspect in the murder of his brother instead of confessing that he has a terminal disease. But Cyrus explained his wacky behavior by saying in "Welcome Is Fashion and Ceremony," "Reputed murderer or pitiful victim? I'll take murderer." That does honestly fit with Cyrus' character, so I'll accept that, but that still doesn't mean that I'm buying that Cyrus is truly ill.

After the prime minister unexpectedly died (damnnn, England, your nation — and Helena after that knickers incident — are having a rough year), it didn't seem like anyone else would be on the chopping block anytime soon. Yet at the end of the episode, after Cyrus made a comment that the cursed royal diamond he had worn hadn't caused him any damage, his royal manservant Lucius made an announcement — Cyrus' doctor has an important message for the king.

Fans of the show have already seen the royals take advantage of doctors, like in the case of the paternity test for Liam and Eleanor, but the sheer panic on the face of Cyrus at the news of his doctor calling made me believe that maybe, just maybe, Cyrus really is dying and the throne will be up for grabs quite soon. If that is the case, Princess Penelope better get herself prepared for a coup.

Image: E!