There's Hope For Ophelia & Liam On 'The Royals'

When your drug-addled, but beloved sister tells you that you need to get the hell out of dodge to clear your mind, you listen — which is exactly what Liam did during the Nov. 22 episode of The Royals. The former prince decided to heed Eleanor's advice and leave England, so did Liam go to visit Ophelia? The end of "Welcome Is Fashion and Ceremony" showed Liam knocking on someone's door, but the episode didn't reveal whose door it was. Fan-favorite Ophelia has been missing during The Royals Season 2, so is now her time to return?

Luckily, viewers got the answer to the mysterious door knocking when E! showed scenes from the next The Royals episode immediately after the episode. The footage showed that Liam is at Ophelia's door in New York City, so the pair will definitely be reuniting by the third episode of Season 2 (hoorah!). Based on actress Merritt Patterson's Instagram, devoted fans have known that Ophelia would be returning to the show, but I'm happy to say it's sooner than I had expected.

It's good that Liam was working on his American accent ("How about them Dodgers?") with Jasper since he may need it while trying to win Ophelia back in New York City. Maybe I'm being too optimistic since Liam could just be visiting Ophelia for closure since actor William Moseley told Bustle that, "He really hopes they can be together at some point, but the timing right now is just not right" about Liam's relationship with Ophelia.

Either way, I won't dampen the mood too much since The Royals at least revealed that these two adorable people will reunite sooner than I could have ever hoped for. And with Liam obsessing over who killed his father, what could possibly go wrong in his romantic life??

Image: E!