11 Style Hacks From The '80s We Should Incorporate Into Our 'Drobes — PHOTOS

In a world of minimalism and glamour, the over the top, trashy, and campy looks of the '80s are often overlooked as a source of inspiration. The thing is, though, there are plenty of style hacks from the '80s that would be sure to turn heads today. Personally, I didn't think any type of jean other than the skinny one would ever grace my wardrobe for a solid eight years. But in the past 12 months, I've become a strong convert to the mom jean: One of the many brilliant legacies left behind by '80s fashionistas.

With the popularity of '70s styles throughout 2015 and the '90s trend last year, I can't help but wonder what's coming next. What goes around comes around when it comes to fashion, so a return to the '80s feels inevitable to me. It might sound impossible, but as soon as an '80s collection hits Topshop, you know we'll all be so into it.

Even if the '80s aren't yet "in," there are still some style hacks from the decade that any sartorial enthusiast should experiment with. If for no other reason than to bring a sense of kitschy yet glorious tackiness into our day to day lives.

1. Backcombing

As any RuPaul's Drag Race contestant would tell you, the higher the hair, the closer to god! Backcombing is an easy way to keep your curls big and bouncy on a night out.

2. High-Waisted

I'm a strong believer that anything and everything looks better high waisted, from bikinis to hot pants to even tinier mini skirts. Wearing a high waisted item can make you look fashionable when you really can't be bothered to put in any additional effort.

3. Mom Jeans

If you haven't noticed everyone wearing mom jeans these past two years, then you must truly live beneath a rock. They're just so much comfier than the skintight jeans of our teen years.

4. Crop Tops

I sometimes feel like the crop top has been around my entire life, but let's be honest: There was a brief period in the 2000s when crop tops were distinctly uncool. However, the crop top was a controversial statement in Madonna's "Lucky Star" video and was a huge hit in the '80s overall. Let us never let the decade die again.

5. Crop Tops For Men

You know when you're around a guy you're really in love with and he stretches and you get to see a little slither of his tummy, which you then think about for the next week? In the '80s, women were blessed by dudes wearing crop tops and exposing their perfect man tummies constantly. This is the '80s trend that I would most like to see return TBH.

6. Acid Washed Denim

What's cooler than the casualness of denim? Acid washed denim, of course.

7. Bold Patterns

I'm impressed when someone can stick to an all black aesthetic. But I'm even more impressed when they can pull off a bold pattern. More than one pattern? Don't even get me started.

8. Sportswear As Daywear

OK, we should maybe skip the neon leg warmers. But wearing sportswear out and about — and even to the club — is actually pretty chic.

9. Black Brows/Roots With Blonde Hair

Another gift straight from Madonna, this contrasting look is one I wish was still as popular amongst the fashion world. As Michele told Romy, "You look so good with blonde hair and black roots; it's like not even funny."

10. High Legged Swimsuit

Most people who are attracted to women have likely masturbated to Eric Prydz's "Call On Me" video. High legged bikini lines just look too good.

11. Fanny Packs

These are a literal life-saver at any festival, night out, or busy event. Oh? Where's my stuff? Just strapped to my front within hand's reach. Perfect.

Whether you like it or not, fashion is cyclical and these looks are what we have to look forward to. Why not get ahead of the curve and steal these '80s styling tricks now?

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