7 Things Not To Say To A High-Waisted Jeans Fan

by Melodi Erdogan

There’s only one thing I love enough to be able to start an article with a haiku, and that’s high waisted jeans. Check it out: "I love my blue jeans; high-waisted and beautiful; and they love me back." I know, I've got skills.

To some folks out there, high-waisted jeans are equatable to a modern corset. They are typically tight and body-hugging, and silhouette the female figure in an hourglass way by making the waist look smaller and the bottom look bigger. But unlike the corsets of the 16th century, high-waisted jeans are meant to celebrate every body type. Even though they do create this hourglass figure, they're not meant to be body shaming or "slimming." They're really just a (mostly comfortable) shout out to retro and vintage looks, and a way of telling the world you're unafraid of showing off your curves.

While corsets were plenty common in their time, high-waisted jeans are still considered somewhat unconventional today. Perhaps because they were so popular during the '60s and '70s, some might consider them an outdated fad, and others might even go so far as to say that they are "as bad as mom jeans" in all their white-washed, cropped glory.

But anyone who has ever put on a pair of high-waisted jeans knows their magical qualities. In what can only be described as a demi-god way, high-waisted jeans have the ability to flaunt the figure whilst not being constricting, and they go well with almost anything and everything in your wardrobe. So why is there still so much stigma surrounding them?

In an effort to disprove such negative remarks and uphold the excellence and magnificence of the high-waisted jean (and just jeans in general), here are seven things women who wear high-waisted jeans are sick of hearing, and how we should respond to such remarks:

1. "Are you trying to bring back the '70s?"

Granted, if you are hanging out with fashion types, this probably won’t be a comment you hear very often. But in the chance that you’re randomly out and someone says this to you, they probably don’t understand the circularity of trends, or, you know, freedom of sartorial expression.

If you’re feeling sassy, though, this is the perfect time to respond with a genuine “yes.” Because if you ever walked passed Stevie Nicks on the street, she’d probably commend you for your '70s style and urge you to ignore the commenter. So there's that.

2. "Do your pants ever end?"

As a matter of fact, they do! They may end right below where my bra sits, but who cares? Often with high-waisted pants, women seem to gravitate towards the most body-hugging style so that they can flaunt their figures. And for whatever reason, the most body-hugging styles are often the, well, highest. That being said, there should be absolutely no judgement if you unbutton your high-waisted jeans after a long day or a huge meal. Comfort above all!

3. "Can you even bend over in those?"

Duh, yes. Maybe… Well, no. Not really. But why would I need to bend down in these fabulous jeans? Who needs bend and snap when you have high-waisted jeans to dazzle everyone in your wake? Sure, high-waisted jeans can be constricting, but there's a difference between being constricting for the sake of "slimming" you down, and constricting for the sake of showing off each and every curve. High-waisted jeans showcase the body so well that they're almost worth not being able to pick up that penny that’s head's up on the sidewalk.

4. "I don’t know how you even breathe in those."

I think we’re all acquainted with the fact that comfort does not always go hand in hand with personal style. Not unlike the whole corset thing, it can be a little tricky to perform physical activities while wearing high-waisted jeans. But if the only activity you have planned for a night out is walking, then they’re perfect! Obviously high-waisted jeans are not designed for the gym. But I can breathe perfectly fine otherwise, thank you very much.

5. "Those look like mom jeans."

If someone says this, just roll your eyes. And if you won’t, then I’ll roll my eyes for you. Anyone who comments on your high-waisted jeans, insensitively calling them “mom jeans,” knows nothing about fashion, like the awesome fact that mom jeans are hugely popular at the moment. If your favorite pair of high-waisted jeans happens to be white-washed, tight, and cropped, just like those mom jeans everyone loves to hate, wear them with pride.

6. "Does your boyfriend like those?"

By saying that, are you assuming that I wear these body-hugging jeans only because my boyfriend enjoys how I look in them? Oh, how clearly you are mistaken. I put on these jeans for me, myself, and I. The fact that I'm wearing these jeans displays not only my personal style and unique expression of self, but also my self-confidence and body positive attitude. In no way, shape, or form was anyone else a part of that decision — especially not a male figure in my life. So take your assumptions somewhere else!

7. "I would not know what to wear with those."

It may seem difficult to style high-waisted jeans, but they are surprisingly easy to match with lots of basic wardrobe items. Tuck in a strappy tank top, throw on your favorite vintage t-shirt, or even button up in a crisp, professional shirt. Just because high-waisted jeans get a reputation for being trendy doesn't mean you only have to wear them with crop tops. These bad boys are deceiving, so don't let them trick you before you even try them out.

Images: Fotolia; Giphy