The One Scarf Hack You Need To Know

If you're anything like me, you've got a slew of scarves to accessorize with and stay warm this season. But whether you dig thick knit yarn, smooth silk, or extra luxurious cashmere, there's one scarf hack you need to know to keep each one in top shape between wears. The biggest bummer is when your gorgeous scarves get wrinkled, and I have the perfect solution no matter the fabric. All you need for the one essential scarf hack this winter is access to a steamy hot shower and a hanger so you can DIY steam iron before you rock it!

I'm a major fan of this shower steaming strategy and use it all the time. Since I store my scarves in a giant whicker basket on a shelf at the top of my closet, things get a little wrinkly to say the least. But the fact I can just pick whatever scarf I want to wear and know it will be wrinkle-free and dry by the time I'm showered, dressed, and walking out the door is the best thing ever. All you specifically do is put the shower on a hanger so it's draping down, and leave it in the bathroom with the door closed while you're showering so the steam soaks in. Voila.

If, however, you don't even have time to shower, you can still employ the steam hack. A handheld garment feature below will mimic the effects of gentle steamy shower, so any fabric should be safe. Always read your tag to be sure, though!

Handheld Garment Steamer

Handheld Garment Steamer, $34.99, Conair

This garment steamer from Conair is the highest quality you can get for a really fair price.

Images: Miquel Benitez/Getty Images; Courtesy of Brand