David & Victoria Beckham Wore Matching Suits To The British Fashion Awards — PHOTOS

If it wasn't perfect enough that David and Victoria Beckham matched at the British Fashion Awards, wait until you hear what they actually wore. According to The Daily Mail, the couple walked the red carpet wearing matching his and her suits. And given my obsession with menswear, as well as my obsession with the Beckhams, I am totally freaking out over this choice.

Fresh off of his Sexiest Man Alive crowning, David stepped out with his wife, Victoria, for the 2015 British Fashion Awards on Monday in London, and, as per usual, the couple upped their style game to an entirely higher level. Though David looked like his dapper self in a tailored black suit and white shirt, Victoria took a slight deviation from her ladylike skirts and sculpting dresses to rock a seriously powerful suit. And it's hands down the greatest thing she has ever worn.

The 41-year-old designer's fitted suit was all black and featured cropped pants, three-quarter length sleeves, and a simple scoop neck top underneath. I mean, they both look ah-mazing, but TBH I think Victoria may have actually worn a suit better.

Normally, matchy-matchy couples can be kind of cliche, but for some reason, the Beckhams just always nail it. Check out these other times David and Victoria dressed alike and looked seriously stylish.

Sport Industry Awards

LBD, meet LBS.

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Props to them for pulling this off because white suits on guys=no easy feat.

Out & About

The Beckhams dress up street style with matching blazers.

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The couple wore matching all-leather ensembles to a party and it was everything.

Their Wedding

They rocked matching bright purple outfits at their wedding because go bold or go home.

Fragrance Launch

They took gray from dull to amaze.

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