5 Apps To Get You Through Thanksgiving Day

Multitasking — it's not everyone's cup of tea. To loads of people, keeping track of groceries and four stovetop burners simmering away simultaneously while a turkey roasts in the oven is the equivalent of juggling a basket full of kittens while standing on one leg. But when it comes to pulling off a flawless Thanksgiving, multitasking is absolutely key, and in 2015, there are loads of Thanksgiving apps for your phone that will help you get through the day without a hitch. So, even if you don't consider yourself an experienced project manager, you absolutely can handle Thanksgiving like a boss.

Consider the steps you'll need to plan, source, and assemble your Turkey Day feast. You'll need Thanksgiving recipes, if you don't already have them. Then there's the shopping, which will take about twice as long as it normally would. Finally, you don the chef's hat for the actual cooking. I've seen people on the Internet who have entire week-long spreadsheets allocating every available hour to shopping and chopping, with dedicated oven hours for every dish. That works for some people, but I prefer a more fluid approach that accommodates last-minute menu additions, or extra-long dog walks when the mutts get restless.

But whatever your preferred level of organization, there quite literally is an app for that. Here are some to download this week.

1. Pro Holiday Planner

Pro Holiday Planner is a collaborative planning app that allows you to manage everything from the invites to the mashed potatoes. This app is perfect for the host who wants visible confirmation when the tasks she delegated are done. You could almost use this app as a wedding planner too, as it allows you to create seating charts and even integrate Facebook, if you so choose. Download this app if you have an enormous family, or are hosting a party that requires a little more than just a tablecloth and some turkey.

$4.99 in the App Store

2. Paprika Recipe Manager

Paprika is awesome, because it not only allows you to cruise for recipes, it also aggregates your recipes into a menu from which it creates a smart grocery list that automatically organizes itself by aisle. Technology that does math for you and then optimizes its answers for time efficiency is the best kind of technology.

$9.99 for Desktop (Mac and Windows), $2.99 for mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle)

3. Thyme: A Kitchen Timer For Your Culinary Arts

Thyme is the perfect app for the social chef. If you're one of those people who likes to have an in-depth conversation about the state of the world while there's gravy on the stove, this app is for you. The number of times I've overcooked beans while chatting with friends is shocking, but this app could've prevented it, as it lets you set timers, and even an ETA for an entire meal.

FREE — App Store; FREE with ads or $1.17 without — Google Play

4. Mixology

Plug in the ingredients that you've got on-hand, and Mixology will show you the recipes that you can make without adding another trip to the store. Download this app when you run out of beers.

FREE — App Store and Google Play

5. Instacart

If you happen to live in one of the cities served by this incredibly convenient service, Instacart will deliver your groceries to your door from stores like Whole Foods in just one hour at the push of a button. Save items as favorites to make the process even easier the second time around.

FREE — App Store and Google Play

For more awesome Thanksgiving ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: Pexels; Pro Holiday Planner; Paprika; Thyme; Mixology; Instacart