Amy Vachal Is A Game Changer On 'The Voice'

When you have to sing a cover song, why not make it your own? That's exactly what Amy Vachal is doing this season on The Voice . Tackling big hits like Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" or Drake's "Hotline Bling" is no easy feat, but Vachal's able to do it with ease by adding her own flavor to the songs. Her ability to transform such recognizable tracks is a true gift and a major asset in this competition. Not many other contestants have the same ability Vachal does, which is why she'll succeed in this game.

One of the most important things a contestant can do on The Voice is stand out. While others are concerned with nailing the melodies of popular songs and matching the vocals of the original artist, Vachal is busy rewriting melodies to fit her own style. This is the mark of a true artist. Vachal is giving the audience a taste of who she really is as an artist which is crucial to getting votes in this game. Voters choose favorites based on who they identify with. If a contestant changes up their game every week, the audience isn' going to know who they are as an artist and, therefore, can't identify with them. Even though Vachal is taking the road less travelled, she's staying true to herself and that's the most important thing for her to do in this game.

So will Vachal's strategy help her into the finale? Probably not. Though she's proven to be extremely talented, Vachal is too niche to appeal to the broader audience. She'll most likely last a few more weeks because voters will want to see what she comes up with next, but will be eliminated before the final four. She's good, but her competition's better. But even though she most likely won't win, there's no doubt Vachal has a successful future in music ahead of her.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC