4 Things You Need To Know To Raise Your Vibes

You've probably heard people talking about "vibes" before, whether as a description for an amazing look, or a feeling you get when you're with someone or in a situation that makes you feel inspired or happy or intrigued or even off-put — so what, exactly, do they mean? Vibes is essentially code for a feeling that's given simply through a person's energy. From a more existential perspective, it relates to the idea that because energy is the building block of the Universe (everything, from the air we breathe to the chairs we sit on to the thoughts we think, is energy) to change our lives, we must focus on changing our vibrations.

Because vibrations are manufactured through our thoughts and therefore our emotions, it's sometimes hard to know how we can change them when it seems like our thoughts and feelings are not only being chosen for us, but that they're impossible to transcend. This is understandable, but the reality of vibe-raising and overall zen-living is not to resist or necessarily "change" any of those things, simply to accept and work with them instead. Yet this is one of very many ideas that few people really have a grasp on — which is why when it comes to shifting their moods, choosing their thoughts, or stepping into control of their mental-emotional lives, it seems almost impossible. So here are a few things you absolutely need to know if you feel like you can't change your vibes. Your life, after all, is your responsibility — and yours alone.

Remember That, If Nothing Else, You Are In Control Of Your Responses

You may not choose every thought that pops up in your head, but you choose what you focus on, and assign meaning to. You may not choose every feeling you have, but you choose what those feelings mean, and for how long you will fuel them with your attention. You may not choose what happens in life, but you can always choose how you respond to it. When it comes to the stuff that matters — what you think, how you feel — you are always in control.

To "Raise Your Vibes" You Must Pretend As Though They Are Already Raised

Imagine what this situation would look like if you were already coming from the highest vibration possible. Imagine what your life would look like as your fully realized, actualized self. Focus on that enough, and you will slowly step into it, but it requires becoming conscious of it first.

Feeling Better Is Never A Matter Of Forcing Yourself To Feel Differently, But Accepting How You Feel

Please note, however, that "accepting how you feel" is not the same thing as giving time, energy or attention to feelings you don't want. It is simply accepting that they are present, and then moving on. In that acceptance, you'll find the most relief of all.

You Must Have Tools On Deck To Help You Out

A playlist of songs that make you happy, a go-to activity or beloved childhood movie, a person to talk to or something to read that instantly inspires you or engages you or makes you feel at peace. You shift your feelings by finding something else to fuel with your thoughts, but you have to already be aware of these things, you're not going to be able to discover them while you're at a low vibration.

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