J. Law Inspires In & Out Of 'The Hunger Games'

Jennifer Lawrence first received critical acclaim for her performance in 2010's Winter's Bone, but it was The Hunger Games that brought her to international prominence. Throughout the four films, Lawrence has made Katniss Everdeen into an unforgettable heroine. One brimming with intelligence, loyalty, resiliency, and an unbreakable moral compass. That's why, over the course of The Hunger Games movies, Katniss has become a role model for a huge audience. The same can be said of the actress who plays her. In addition to demonstrating Katniss' commitment to her values onscreen, Lawrence has used her celebrity to speak out about her own values, keeping that role model status in her real life.

Lawrence revealed at a news conference that her social activism has been motivated in part by her identification with Katniss. She told Reuters, "I think it would be impossible to go four years with this character and not be inspired by her." She added that the reason she wanted the role of Katniss in the first place was because she found her to be so inspiring in Suzanne Collins' books, and she's done a great job of translating that to the screen. Here are six times Jennifer Lawrence was totally inspiring throughout the Hunger Games series, both on and off screen.

1. When Katniss Volunteered As Tribute

Nothing says "love" quite like sacrificing your life for your little sister.

2. When Both Women Kicked Ass With A Bow & Arrow

Lawrence took archery lessons to look like a pro holding Katniss' bow, and the prevalence of archery in the movie has inspired so many fans, its been credited with a revival of the sport, alongside movies like Brave and Snow White and the Huntsman.

3. When J. Law Said "No" To A Forced Diet

Lawrence is confident in her own skin, and refuses to let Hollywood force unrealstic body standards on her. The actress told US Weekly, "If anybody even tries to whisper the word 'diet', I'm like, 'You can go f**k yourself.'" Katniss would be proud of her resolve.

4. When Katniss Made A Subtle Statement About Rue's Death

Katniss' gesture after Rue died in the Games planted some of the very first seeds of the rebellion, but most importantly, it came from a place of kindness.

5. When The Mockingjay Refused To Play By The Rules

In what was supposed to be a session to show off her skills for her first Hunger Games, Katniss shot an arrow at the judges' heads. In her session for the Quarter Quell, she made a dummy of Seneca Crane, revealing that she knew about his murder. The Girl on Fire does not play nice, and she shouldn't have to — especially when the Capitol is involved.

6. When Lawrence Reminded Us That No One Is Perfect

Being a celebrity means having your every action be documented and then displayed for public viewing. Lawrence's various minor mishaps— from falling at the Oscars to candidly discussing her digestive issues — are a helpful reminder that stars have their own embarrassing moments.

Lawrence's time as Katniss may be over, but the actress has made the most of her Hunger Games experience by creating a character that will inspire people for years to come, and doing the same in her own life. The odds are definitely in Lawrence's favor.

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