Stella McCartney's BFA Look Is So Unique

Proving that she's a stand-out on and off the red carpet, Stella McCartney won Brand of the Year at the British Fashion Awards last night, but that's not all she won, IMO. The designer landed on my best dressed when she hit the red carpet in a head-turning black outfit that gave a twist to many popular trends. Top it all off with one girl-powered acceptance speech and you have the trifecta of fabulousness.

McCartney gave off a quirky-meets-chic vibe in her red carpet outfit, and although it was all black, it definitely didn't lack personality. The gown, which had a voluminous back, played on the cape design in the most artistic way possible. Think of it as a high fashion turtle shell. Combined with a marbled print and a synched waist, this look was definitely interesting, but it was the styling that really made it a stand out.

The gown stopped before her ankles with just enough space to show off her fabulous satin heels. Add to that an on-point clutch, which somewhat resembled bedazzled coffee beans (yum!), and you've got got one sleek red carpet look. As if the look wasn't already stunning enough, her fabulous peek-a-boo hair was completely different depending on which side you saw it from. It was the icing on top of a perfect outfit.

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The clutch gave the outfit just enough pop of color to make all the quirky elements really come to life.

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Her caped back was unexpected in the best possible way.

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When you're going on stage to accept your award for Brand of the Year, you've got to add a little something to spice up a traditional look.

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Just when you thought you couldn't love McCartney any more, she gets on stage to make on killer acceptance speech to top it all off. She honored herself, her design team, and women across the world, all at the same time.

"I want to thank [my design team] for giving me the freedom to be a working mother," McCartney says in her speech. "That's something that I'm really aware is a massive blessing, and not afforded to women all around the world."

She goes on to also say how she's lucky to stand shoulder to shoulder with men as well, which she is aware that not everyone is able to do. The designer also launched her #StellaSupport campaign for eliminating violence against women at the BFAs as well.

You can check out her full acceptance speech below.

I'd say she's an all-around winner!

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