Shop These Vintage-Inspired Retailers This Week

It's almost Black Friday — I mean, Thanksgiving — and Black Friday deals on vintage-inspired clothing are happening, just like everything else on Earth. While I am a sucker for authentic vintage, I prefer vintage-inspired clothing because I hate restrictive undergarments. While they create a period-accurate effect, waist-cinchers are the worst. Bullet bras? No thanks, I prefer my boobs spherical. (I must take a second to complain that it looks like my favorite lingerie brand Freya is discontinuing the only bra ever to give me comfort and cleavage. Why, Freya, why?) Vintage-inspired clothing is designed with today's consumer in mind, and this consumer is happy when she can inhale an extra-large steak burrito with chips without a waist-cincher giving her a stomach ache.

While vintage reproduction pieces are more comfortable than the My Size Barbie sized pieces I've bought in the past (lo and behold, if it's too small in the fitting room, it'll be too small at home), they tend to be a little pricier than good old Forever 21 or H&M. Unless you're buying on Ebay, Swing dresses tend to start around $50, and even a simple boat neck sweater can go for $40. I'd rather spend that money on pizza. Fortunately vintage retailers wade into the consumerist frenzy that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday like everybody else, so if you've had your eye on something like this, now might be the time to move. Here are some of the best deals I've been able to find so far.

1. Modcloth

Modcloth is rotating out deals on items every day this week. Check out the brand's Instagram for the deals, and shop the site here.

2. Steady Clothing

Steady Clothing is knocking 30-50 percent off everything in its web store starting midnight, November 27. This is one to watch.

3. Unique Vintage

While they haven't posted any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals yet, Unique Vintage is running 25 percent off all clearance this week as well as 50 percent off daily deals. Check out Instagram for more, and pop on the site here.

4. Pinup Girl Clothing

I'm embarrassed to admit much time I've spent drooling over the pieces Pinup Girl Clothing has for sale. Although they haven't yet announced any sitewide sales, they are offering daily deals on individual items. Keep an eye on the Pinup Girl Clothing Instagram to see what deals they have to offer this week, and shop the site here.

5. Stop Staring!

Stop Staring's Black Friday sale is already underway: it runs from November 23-30 and features dresses starting at $40. Shop it here .

6. Trashy Diva

Thirty percent off everything? Excuse me while I clutch my heart. Shop the site here.

7. Retro Glam

Retro Glam is running daily sales on Instagram, and while none of them have been outstanding so far, that could change come Black Friday. Keep an eye on the site here.

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Images: Courtesy brands