How To Braid Hair With Tinsel

Thursday is Thanksgiving, and we all know what happens literally the day after: The Christmas season arrives in full swing. That means plenty of holiday parties, dinners, and events to attend, and you're going to want to look as festive as possible for each and every one. I mean, it only comes once a year, right? So while you're decking the halls, you might want to save some tinsel to braid your hair with. Ribbons are cool and all, but nothing says holidays quite like shimmering garlands.

Fact: I'm obsessed with anything that sparkles, so I'll admit I might be biased when I say that tinsel is my favorite holiday decoration. It's metallic, it comes in so many colors, it glitters, and can be put on literally anything, from your tree, to your banister, to your fireplace. But you know where else it would look ah-mazing? In your hair.

I know hair tinsel is a thing and all, but it's pretty thin and subtle, and takes some time to apply, so if you really want to sparkle during the holidays, just save some of your decorative tinsel for your hair. Personally, a braid is one of my favorite go-to holiday hairstyles, so I'm going to teach you how to braid your hair with tinsel. For these tutorials, just cut the tinsel down to the size that works for your hair and treat it like ribbon. It'll work the same, it's just extra sparkly and a little bit thicker.

Regular Braid

Adding in tinsel makes a basic braid seriously next-level.

French Braid

Now things start to get a little more complicated, but no worries, this tutorial's got your back.


My favorite holiday hairstyle is extra festive with tinsel.

Waterfall Braid

Want to wear some of your hair down? Try a half-up style.

Braid Headband

Use tinsel and a braid to create a seriously festive headband.

Braid Bun

The ballerina bun is even better with tinsel.

Braid Up-Do

Elegant party? Try a braid up-do and make it sparkle with tinsel.