These Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Tutorials Prove There Are Endless Combos

Absolutely amazing eye shadow palettes are the core offerings from Urban Decay. The colors are edgy with rich color payoff. The shadows themselves have the coolest subversive names. The shades contained within usually coordinate perfectly with one another. Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette mixes neutrals with bright, jewel tones in different finishes, leading to all sorts of dimension and texture. You can mix and match two shadows, four shadows, eight shadows, or however many colors you wish, customizing your eye look to your heart's content.

However, looking at 20 pans of eye shadow in one place might make you experience a short circuit. It's too much stimulus at once, right? You want to get creative, but so having so many options at your fingertips might seem daunting and leave you wondering where to start.

Relax. Here is where I step in! You can maximize the array of dazzling colors in your Vice 4 palette, which comes with a $60 price tag, thanks to these makeup tutorials. There are tons of not-so-obvious eye makeup looks and ones you never ever thought of. You can create mermaid eyes with your Vice 4 kit. You can do perfectly autumnal, sunset smoky eyes with it, as well.

So. Many. Options!

These tutorials will help you decipher what color combos to work with. The possibilities are endless. You just have to be open to exploring them.

1. Mermaid Eyes

IDK about you, but sometimes I look at green eye shadow and am instantly intimidated. Who wants to be a green-eyed monster, right? But green shadow always looks amazing with brown eyes. I had no idea how to integrate the three green shadows in the third row of the palette. Then I watched this beauty make mermaid eyes! If you don't want to do mermaid hair, here's an alternative. She blended and buffed the greens and used the nude Framed to essentially "Photoshop" the edges. See, there's another "new" way to use a shade.

2. Evening Smoky Eye With Teal

This tattooed lovely used Vice 4 to rock a sultry, evening smoky eye look with a pop of teal. Because it's a largely dark look, you can totally buff out and cover any "mistakes" you may make. This tutorial shows how to apply layers of dark and light and how to buff them together. This is an anything but ordinary smoky eye, thanks to that pop of blue in the inner corners. Who knew?!

3. Pop Of Green Smoky Eye

Forget the neutral, gray, brown, or black smoky eye! This makeupista rocked a shimmery green smoky eye, created with several of the shades in Vice 4. It's totes different than the aforementioned mermaid eyes, too. She doesn't get to the eye shadow portion of the look until about eight minutes in, so if you are only interested in how to get green smoky eyes, fast forward. I love seeing how two different makeup lovers used the same shades and got totally opposite looks.

4. Smoky Pink

This super efficient and informative tutorial is under four minutes and shows you how to create a pink smoky eye with the pink and red shades that are housed in Vice 4. The key technique for this look? Patting, not dragging, the shadows. Do it up.

5. Sunset Smoky Eye

Not about the bright colors of Vice 4 and prefer to do a neutral smoky eye? Well, this one is actually simple but amazing, thanks to the sunset halo that is created with Bitter. It's all about layering, layering, layering. This seems like an autumnal look, yes, but you can wear it all year round if you wish. Sunsets are universal, yo!

6. Multi-Dimensional Purple Smoky Eyes

Purple smoky eyes are still in style and this particular versions displays two killer dimensions. The look starts out dark at the lashline and gets progressively lighter. This tutorial is simple to follow and once again shows the endless looks that are possible with Vice 4.

7. More Mermaid Eyes

The super-pigmented colors of Vice 4 really pop against this beauty's dark skin. Beat Down, the bright purple shadow, is the centerpiece of her look. She suggests using a sticky base or a damp brush to apply the chunky, highly pigmented shadows. So take that into consideration when creating such bright, bold looks.

These seven tutorials really do demonstrate how to get the most out of your Vice 4 palette and its bright shadows.

Images: Urban Decay (3)