Drake Totally Rocked Toronto "Drake Night"

You know a song is catchy when even its singer can't resist busting a move when it comes on. During the Toronto Raptors official "Drake Night," Drake and his mom (yes, Drake brought his mom with him to a basketball game, commence swooning now) were sitting front row when "Hotline Bling" started playing. Drake's reaction? Priceless. The rapper busted out his biggest grin and then Drake seat danced to his latest hit. The moment is every bit as perfect as it sounds and an intrepid soul has posted it on Vine so you can watch Drake dancing to "Hotline Bling" on an endless loop — so yes, your happiness can be eternal.

That's not all Drake got up to on "Drake Night." Hosted by his hometown of Toronto, "Drake Night" was held on Wednesday, November 25, and Drake served as the guest of honor during the game at the Air Canada Centre where the Raptors played the Cleveland Cavaliers. Part of his guest of honor duties included announcing the starting lineup for the Raptors, an honor which Drake clearly seemed to relish. There was also a "Hotline Bling" booth where fans could show off their best moves alongside the Raptors' mascot. Even Toronto City Councillor Norm Kelly got in on the action.

First thing is first though, you have to see Drake's precious reaction to hearing his song come on.

The only thing more adorable to Drake's killer seat moves is his mom's proud smile. Cutest mother and son ever? I think so. Of course, "Drake Night" wouldn't be complete without a look at Drake announcing the Raptors' lineup. Notice how cool he is under pressure. I know the man is used to performing in front of crowds, but watching him read off the lineup — with bonus finesse — gives me a whole new level of respect for Drake. The pressure to not screw up anyone's names/totally kill a joke has to be way too real.

Finally, check out the official "Hotline Bling" booth. There's no word on whether or not Drake took a turn in the booth, but Councillor Kelly definitely rocked the booth. (Major props to the Raptors' mascot too — it can't be easy to get down while wearing a full costume.)

This was the third annual "Drake Night" hosted at the Air Canada Centre. Thanks to Drake's impromptu mini-performance, I think it is safe to declare this "Drake Night" the best "Drake Night" of them all. At least until next year when Drake inevitably does something even more adorable.