Shop Fashion Items This Small Business Saturday

Whether you’re exhausted from the Black Friday crowds or too lazy to face them (like me), online shopping from the comfort of your home over the weekend is where it’s at. Here are nine brands you should be shopping this Small Business Saturday, because while these companies themselves may be small, the items they stock pack a powerful punch.

If you have some local businesses you can support in person, that’s great, but online, you have endless possibilities to support indie brands. Clothing, beauty products and more are made even more special when they come from less well-known shops. What I love about shopping from these types of businesses are the personal touches that come along with the experience. Something as small as a handwritten thank you note in a package goes a long way. It’s those little things that will forever keep me going back for more from these stores.

I’ve rounded up a few products from some of my favorite smaller brands for your viewing (and shopping!) pleasure. Honor this American Express-endorsed holiday and support local businesses without the crowds as you relax this Saturday. Once you see these items — it’ll change the way you shop post-Thanksgiving from here on out. Happy Small Business Saturday, everyone!

1. Jawbreaking's Tees

Blogging > Jogging T-Shirt, $15, Jawbreaking

Jawbreaking has the coolest graphic tees, sweatshirts and more. This one, in particular, describes my life.

2. Anarchy Street's Jewelry

Droplet Ring, $34, Anarchy Street

This brand has the best mini rings, stackable rings and so much more.

3. Private Party's Sweatshirts

Santa Baby Unisex Sweatshirt, $79, Private Party

I'm a huge fan of these graphic sweatshirts.

4. ALAS' Sleepwear

Balance Pajama Set, $169.95, ALAS

This sleepwear is ethically sourced, which make it all the better.

5. Southward Apparel's Comfy Clothing

Coffee, Work, Wine Reverse Slouchy Sweater, $78, Southward Apparel

This brand just gets me.

6. Glossier's Facial Products

Mask Duo Set, $38, Glossier

This detoxifying and moisturizing set is just the gift you need to give to yourself.

7. Tree Kisser's Animal Adoption Clothing

Christmas Eco-Fleece Sweatshirt, $50, Tree Kisser

This small business supports the adoption of animals, and it just doesn't get better than that.

8. Kittenish's Southern Pieces

Not A Rug Pashmina, $39.99, Kittenish Collection

Jessie James Decker's sweet, sassy and southern brand is a must-shop.

9. Wish You Were Northwest's Tees

Always Take The Long Way Home T-Shirt, $28, Wish You Were Northwest

With its playful and adventurous spirit, you're going to love this brand.

Celebrate small companies by shopping these pieces and more.

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Images: Courtesy Brands (9)