How To Shop Green Monday Because Who Doesn't Want More Sale Days?

So far, there's been Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, but there's one more big day you might not be aware of: Green Monday. If you're like me though, the question becomes how to shop Green Monday and also, what exactly is the sales day? While some refer to the day as the "poor man's Cyber Monday," the truth is that this strategically timed shopping occasion — it's two weeks before Christmas — offers the absolute best time to finish up your Christmas shopping without leaving the comfort of your own home.

It's not secret that people (myself included), procrastinate when it comes to getting gifts for their loved ones during the holiday season. Sometimes, it really comes down to the wire, and that's where Green Monday comes in. This year, Green Monday will be on Dec. 14 which is almost exactly two weeks from Christmas Day. Basically, it's the perfect day to embrace the sales and cross off those last few names on your holiday gift-giving list. Ebay actually used the phrase Green Monday back in 2007 due to the site experiencing its best day of sales. Since then, several retailers have hopped on the Green Monday deal trend, and this year is no different with major retailer Walmart already gearing up for the big day.

So how do you figure out how to shop Green Monday? I've got some tips for you.

Narrow Down Retailers

Not all retailers will participate in Green Monday. Cyber Monday is still the bigger retail day, so check with your favorite retailers to see if they'll be hosting sales.

Check Your Gift List

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Any names left on that list of yours? Figure out who you're buying for, and if any of the retailers you love have the perfect present for the people in your life. Online shopping is all about focus.


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When deals are abundant, it's easy to go over board. Just like with Cyber Monday, figure out how much you'd like to spend. Just because something is discounted doesn't mean you have to purchase it.

Compare Deals

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Any savvy shopper knows to compare deals. Don't just jump into the first deal you see. Check other retailer's ads and know which site is going to get you the best bang for your buck.

Watch For Ads

Prioritizing your purchases and comparing deals will be a lot easier if you check out ads leading up to the big day. Don't wait until the last minute to compare sales. Cross reference Green Monday ads for your best chance at getting the items you want for the price you want.

Avoid False Sales

Not all businesses are reputable, and not all sales are created equal. Before you enter that credit card information, be aware that some sales are simply clever marketing.

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