Britney Spears Dances To Adele, Just Like You

The song "Hello" by Adele is one of this year's biggest hits for so many reasons: it's epic, is emotional, it's by one of the greatest singers in the world — and apparently, it's great to dance to, also. Just ask one pop star in particular: Britney Spears danced to "Hello" by Adele in an awesome video she posted on Instagram, and I think the singer needs to get down and take her dancing talents to more songs, stat. After all, in addition to being a musician with many popular hits, Spears is a renowned performer with lots of great moves, currently on display in Las Vegas during her Britney Spears: Piece of Me residency at Planet Hollywood.

In "Hello," Adele sings that she "must have called a thousand times," but Spears wrote in the Instagram video caption, "I could dance to this song a MILLION times...love you [Adele]!" In the video, "Hello" plays in the background as Spears twirls and dances in slo-mo to the heart-wrenching song — and it's even shot in black and white, similar to the sepia-toned music video for the Adele track. How great is it to see one female singer support another and enjoy each other's music? I think it's safe to assume that Brit was one of the many people who bought one of the 3.38 million copies that Adele's new album 25 sold in its very first week of release, which broke all kinds of records.

But why should Spears stop with "Hello"? I think she should dance her heart out to a few more songs.

"Hotline Bling" By Drake

You knew this one was coming, but come on, this song (and music video) has become synonymous with awesome dance moves. Plus, it's also a song about your ex moving on without you, albeit with a different tone than "Hello."

"Watch Me" By Silentó

This ubiquitous summer hit introduced two dance moves into the mainstream: The "Whip" and the "Nae Nae." I'm sure Brit would have an amazing take on those two.

"Can't Feel My Face" By The Weeknd

Kanye West got down to the artist's (also known as Abel Tesfaye) performance of the smash hit tune at the MTV VMAs earlier this year, but I bet Spears can totally top those moves. I mean, she once danced at the VMAs with an actual snake.

"Uptown Funk" By Mark Ronson Feat. Bruno Mars

This hit track came out in 2014, but it remained ever-so-popular and funky with listeners across the United States in 2015 thanks to a music video and snazzy dance moves to match. It would be great to watch Spears give it to that good ol' Uptown Funk.

"Sorry" By Justin Bieber

The Biebs has been ruling the charts this year with singles "What Do You Mean?," "Where Are Ü Now" (also on Skrillex and Diplo's Jack Ü album), and "I'll Show You" from his comeback album, Purpose. Recent release "Sorry" has some awesome dance moves and it would be cool to see Brit try them out for size, too.

After all, Spears' dance moves ruled the 90s — and Vegas, too.

Image: Giphy