Kendall & Kylie Get The Coolest Grad Party Ever

Earlier this year, Kylie Jenner hit a pretty significant milestone when she graduated high school. Of course, most of us didn't own our own houses when we walked across the stage and received our diplomas, but in case you haven't noticed, the Kardashians aren't exactly typical people. And if you needed more proof of that, there's plenty of it in this week's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kris Jenner threw Kylie and Kendall a graduation party, and it was probably the most amazing, extravagant one of its kind in the history of ever.

So why is Kendall included? Apparently, her graduation went without a huge celebration last year, so obviously, she had to be honored this time around. And as someone who thoroughly enjoyed her own quiet graduation party, I'm insanely jealous. The party (which was a surprise for the honorees, of course) involved a ceremony in Kris' house and a massive blowout party in her backyard, and the entertainment? Just as awesome as you'd suspect. There was a moon bounce. There was a sushi bar. There was a photo booth. And did I mention the moon bounce? It's official: Trading lives with Kendall and Kylie has never seemed as appealing as it does right now.

Ryan Seacrest emceed the event, and presented both girls with their diplomas, complete with cap and gown — plus Khloe, who insisted her graduation went unacknowledged. Kris gave the commencement speech, which was short, sweet, and full of tears, and pretty much everyone was there, including Alan Thicke (really) and Gigi Hadid. Although let's be real: Is it even a party if Alan Thicke isn't there?

Unfortunately, the one person left off the guest list was Caitlyn Jenner — mostly because Kris wasn't ready to meet her yet, and wanted to make sure that the day was all about Kendall and Kylie and nothing else. I'm sure her presence was missed, though, as fun as the party seemed from my couch.

And speaking of the party? Next time I throw one, I'm modeling it after this one. There was a moon bounce, guys. A moon bounce.