Justin Bieber Buys Shots For Fans At A College Bar

Days after canceling planned appearances on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and CBS' Thanksgiving Day Parade (thanking Colbert for "understanding [that] sometimes life kicks our ass sometimes and we have to deal with it"), Justin Bieber bought shots for fans at a college bar and toasted to his new album, Purpose. According to E! News, the Biebs had a pretty eventful weekend not fulfilling his scheduled obligations. Instead, the "Sorry" singer visited a biker bar in Orange County, California on Wednesday, where he "was playing arcade games and having a cheeseburger and drinking a few beers," an eyewitness told the site. A few days later, Bieber reportedly went to 901 Bar & Grill in L.A. and bought a round of shots for some USC students at the bar, taking a shot himself, and reminding everyone to buy his comeback album Purpose, as one does.

Fortunately for everyone who needs a visual to go along with this description, there is video evidence of the whole thing happening. This year, we should all be thankful for social media and for bar patrons who film Justin Bieber toasting to his own album.

Though Bieber's behavior following his TV show cancelations may seem contradictory to dealing with life kicking his ass — in addition to his weekend bar-hopping, he also dropped in and surprised the crowd at a Chainsmokers show — it actually seemed like a pretty mellow way to chill out, giving Bieber a chance to unwind and maybe act like any other "normal" 21-year-old.

In addition to letting his generosity flow — say what you want about Justin Bieber, but the dude gives back to his fans like no other and is crazy charitable — all the Biebs really did at these bars was play some video games, have a few beers, and nom away on a burger. Hardly a crazy time. I mean, it may not be exactly what the doctor ordered (not that I know what JB's doctor ordered), but maybe this was Bieber's equivalent of taking a mental health day. And hey, at least he treated some fans.

Bieber was also active on Instagram over the weekend, posting numerous photos from snowy locales and of himself snowboarding. Nothing about the singer is low-key — and when you're Justin Bieber, even a casual outing at a local bar turns into news — but hopefully he took this time to unwind and take a breather from the album press chaos and reflect. It's obvious that he's been having a rough time of being "on" all the time lately — even explaining that himself after he walked out of an interview and abruptly canceled a concert after lashing out at fans — so at least he's recognizing now when he needs a break and some time off.