Did Hank Kill Alex's Dad On 'Supergirl'? Winn Uncovered Some Potentially Damning Information

While Monday's episode of Supergirl did not technically reveal much that the audience couldn't have suspected, at least now some of the characters are on board. Did Hank Henshaw kill Alex Danvers' dad on Supergirl? With Winn Schott's help, the team hacked into the DEO and discovered that Agent Henshaw was the last person to see Alex's Dad alive. We knew they worked together, and Alex's mom does not trust Henshaw, but now the conspiracy is growing.

We learned that Hank and Jeremiah went on a mission together in South America to seek a hostile alien, and both went missing. They were presumed dead, until Hank re-emerged with no memories or physical harm — but has since been deleting and redacting all the files from the mission. What happened in South America? Who was the hostile alien? Was it Astra, or a new villain? Something mysterious went down, and it's definitely the key to Hank Henshaw.

My optimistic guess is that Hank Henshaw was transformed or reborn into the red-eyed being that he is today during that mission. Or, if he is a robot, his memory was wiped. Perhaps the same person who did that to him killed Jeremiah Danvers. Perhaps Jeremiah isn't dead after all — there was no body, so it's certainly starting to look that way.

I was getting a little bored with Hank's development. We keep seeing those creepy red eyes flashing over and over, but the only other suspicious thing that Hank's done is disarm a bomb and save a ton of people. You'd think, if he is an android, that Hank would have had more of a problem with Major Lane (more like Major Pain am I right) and the Red Tornado. So, this is a good move. Not only does it turn Kara, Alex, and Winn onto Hank's shady ways, but it offers him a chance at redemption at the same time.

Images: Darren Michaels/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.