Is Will Drake The 10 Commandments Killer On ‘AHS: Hotel’? The Evidence Adds Up

Since the very first episode we have been trying to identify who American Horror Story: Hotel’s 10 Commandments Killer is, and we still have yet to figure out who is behind the entire thing. John Lowe has been accused of being the murderer and so have several other hotel members including Mr. March and Sally, but what if the mysterious new hotel owner Will Drake is the 10 Commandments Killer? Let’s be honest, he’s been here since pretty much the beginning of it all and has gone quietly under the radar for seven episodes now. I find it very hard to believe that Will Drake is just a random fashion designer that came to Los Angeles and bought the Hotel Cortez. There has to be more to his story.

The upcoming American Horror Story: Hotel episode is titled, “The 10 Commandments Killer,” hinting that we may finally find out who’s behind all the gruesome murders. Knowing Ryan Murphy I suspect that we will get a piece of the puzzle, but not the entire story. That would be too easy. From the preview we know that John is close to solving the puzzle, but he has to solve it before he completely loses his mind. Come on John! It’s probably Will Drake. I have some pretty solid evidence:

The Murders Started When He Arrived

I find it a little more than coincidental that the murders began right around the time Will Drake bought the Cortez. I mean he moved into the hotel pretty quickly and the murders all seem to be in connection with the hotel. While I believe that there are plenty of other murderers in the Cortez, we haven't seen Mr. March taking strolls outside the hotel. The murderer needs to be someone who can leave the premises and that person may very well be Will Drake.

He Must Know About Mr. March

There’s no way he didn’t do a quick background check on the creep who designed the hotel before he purchased it, right? If he is the murderer, it would make sense to buy out a fellow murderer's hotel and follow in his path. I'm just saying.

He Has A Mysterious Past

Why is it that we know nothing about his past? We know he has a son and that he came from New York, but beyond that we are still in the dark. If we’ve learned anything from American Horror Story, it’s that no one is normal, and Cheyenne Jackson recently hinted to TV Guide that we’d learn more about Will Drake soon. “I think some of the mysteries of how he ended up at the Cortez are answered, because nothing is arbitrary,” he said. “You'll definitely find out what makes him tick more and the way he ends up." Can't wait to learn that he is most likely the killer!

This Awesome Theory:

On Reddit, one user came up with a genius theory about Will Drake. Remember when we learned about Liz Taylor’s past and her journey to the Cortez? Well, BocoCHutternut suggests that Will Drake is Liz Taylor’s son. In a previous episode we saw Liz in 1984 sitting on the couch with her son who looked around eight or nine at the time, and she dismissed him when he tried to show her a drawing of a plane. Will Drake is about the age her son would be now, and of all the hotels of course he would pick the one that his dad is at to enact his revenge for his father never returning home. I really hope this turns out to be right, because it would be a fantastic storyline.

It's A Solid Plot Twist

On that same note, Will Drake being the killer is a great plot twist. If John Lowe turns out to be the killer all along, I wouldn’t be surprised, but I would be pretty disappointed. We’ve seen that plot twist 100 times before and to be honest it’s getting pretty old. Drake would be an unexpected choice for the killer and therefore more exciting. Hopefully we find out the true identity of the killer soon, and hopefully it's Will Drake.

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