Emma Watson Shows Off Freckles On Au Naturel 'Porter' Cover — PHOTO

A certain English actress with strong feminist viewpoints is about to transform your girl crush into full on lurve! Emma Watson covers Porter, showing off her gorgeous freckles for the mag's Winter 2015 issue. While Watson has displayed her freckles many times and doesn't really spend a ton of time or effort trying to conceal them, they really are a focal point of this particular cover. It will make fellow freckled girls rejoice.

Embrace those freckles! They add dimension and some color to your face without having to rely on or to fake it with product. That, my friends, is the epitome of natural beauty!

For her Porter cover, Watson, who delivered the most amazing feminist speech last year, goes with a pared down and minimal look. She rocks on fleek brows, perhaps a light dusting of bronzer, and a barely there slick of lipstick. Other than that, Watson's cover pose is rather au naturel. The strongest features are her freckles and her brows, so her windswept, blown-off-her-face hair keeps the attention on her face.

Watson is covering the the publication's "Incredible Women" issue and it's fitting, because she is exactly that. Our little Hermione is all grown up.

Watson remains so fresh faced, even though her fans have watch her transform and become a woman before their very eyes in the Harry Potter franchise and beyond.

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Watson is lovely and her freckles are not something she attempts to hide.

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She is also quite the style star who takes plenty of fashion risks at red carpet events and beyond.

But you know what? Watson is not the sole celeb to show off her freckles on a magazine cover. The actress has plenty of peers in that regard.

Pop music wild child Kesha let her freckles be the focus on her Teen Vogue cover.

Penelop Cruz's lovely freckles were front and center on her Vogue cover.

Actress Julianne Moore bared her shoulders and all of her freckles. Stunning, as always.

Taylor Swift's nose displayed a smattering of freckles on her Vogue cover.

Lindsay Lohan changes her hair color often but her freckles are her signature and she bared 'em all on her vulnerable Vanity Fair cover.

All of these lovely ladies remind us that you should flaunt 'em if you've got 'em when it comes to freckles.

Images: Porter (1); Teen Vogue (1); Vogue (2); Allure (1); Vanity Fair (1)