How To Dress Like Princess Elsa This Holiday Season To Ensure Your Ice Queen Game Is Strong — PHOTOS

When I was a kid, I adored all of the Disney princesses and would have loved to be any one of them IRL. Looking back, I wish that Elsa had been around when I was growing up, but it's definitely not too late to learn how to dress like Princess Elsa from Frozen. Elsa is real and flawed and these things make her perfect in my eyes. The Disney princesses of my childhood usually led charmed lives, which included an equally charming prince to sweep them off their feet at the end of the movie. Elsa is a bit different, though.

It took me many years to realize that Disney movies were far from reality, and that life is not always a roller coaster heading upwards, but rather an adventure filled with challenging dips and incredible peaks. I also grew to learn that the princesses were very similar to one another in the way they were portrayed, while in reality women come in many different sizes, shapes, and races, with a variety of interests, sexual preferences, and skills. While Elsa is still a caucasian, slender, feminine, cis character, the fact that she feels so othered in the film makes her unique to the way women are portrayed in Disney princess movies.

So in order to celebrate Princess Elsa and the sister-saving, powerful anti-heroine she is, here's how you can channel her this festive season and be the baddest ice queen in town.

1. The Dress

ASOS Flutter Sleeve Cape Back Maxi Dress, $99,

Elsa is renowned for her beautiful, blue dress and this pretty gown complete with a cape would be a wonderful choice for any aspiring ice princess.

ASOS Diamonte Belt Maxi Dress, $126,

This maxi with a slit up the thigh and a sparkling belt is definitely worthy of a Disney princess.

ASOS Curve Skater Dress With Embellished Crop Top, $57,

If you fancy something a little less dramatic, this modern skater dress with ice-style embellishments on the top would work a treat.

ASOS Metallic Cami Dress, $22,

Keep your look stunningly simple in a metallic, icy blue dress.

ASOS Curve Red Carpet Fishtail Maxi Dress in Sequin Mesh, $226,

Embrace Elsa's dark side in a glittering, decadent evening gown to blow everyone away this festive season.

2. The Cape

Bridal Wedding Dress Tulle Cape Wrap, $100.87,

Look totally regal in a beaded capelet because Elsa was a member of the royal family, after all.

ASOS Bridesmaid Pretty Embellished And Pearl Cape, $99,

Sparkle your way through the holidays and channel ethereal vibes with a luxe, embellished cape.

Winter Women Faux Fur Cape, $89,

If you wish to go all out this season, a theatrical yet beautiful faux fur cape is the way to keep toasty while looking like a literal princess.

3. The Icicle Jewelry

Icicles Jewelry Earrings Necklace Set, $35,

Look totally magical in a set of icicle earrings complete with a necklace.

4. The Snowflake Tattoo

Glitter Snowflake Temporary Tattoo, $0.86,

To really embody Elsa, you'll need some sparkling snowflake tattoos to show the world your ice queen powers. Plus, they're sure to get you in a festive mood.

5. The Shoes

Sole Diva Basic Ballerinas E Fit, $16.49,

You can become an ice princess with the help of a pair of sparkling flats.

Frozen Elsa Inspired Cosplay Metallic Embroidered Ice Queen Flats, $70,

Frozen fangirls are sure to fall head over heels for these Elsa-inspired flats with delicate embroidery details.

Opus Glitter — Silver, $74.99,

Who says an ice queen can't have killer heels? These stompers are sure to pave the way to a great Christmas party.

6. The Nails

Nails Inc. Galaxy Nail Polish, $5,

Show the world you've got magic at your fingertips with a dazzling glitter nail polish.

Christmas Snowflakes Design 3D Nail Art Stickers Decals 6 Sheet, $3.99,

Add a wintry finish to any manicure with some snowflake nail decals.

NcLA Nail Lacquer - Duchess of L.A. Collection 15ml In "A Touch Of Class," $20.15,

Stick with Elsa's powder blue color scheme and choose this lovely polish that will give your nails a touch of sparkle.

Go forth and be at one with the wind and sky, and channel Princess Elsa this holiday season.

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Images: Walt Disney Pictures (1); Courtesy Brands