13 Struggles Anyone Who Wears Loads Of Rings Knows All Too Well

I've always been a lover of wearing rings, almost always choosing a plastic accessory from a toy machine over the jawbreakers my brothers would spend their change on. So the struggles of wearing rings have been all too real for me from a really young age. Beauty is pain, fashion shouldn't be comfortable, and when it comes to rings? They're just a pain in the ass. But totally worth it for those effortlessly chic vibes, am I right?

What I love about wearing rings and the look of wearing up to 10 rings at a time is the tiny difference you can make to them each day. Midi rings one day, thumb rings the next. Most people probably won't even notice, but the little ritual of choosing my rings for the day is my personal glam time.

As I've got older, wearing rings has gained a more personal meaning to them too. Wearing my grandma and nanny's jewelry helps me to feel close to them even though I live so far from them now. It might seem like I'm reading a little bit too deep into what is essentially accessorizing, but I can't help the joy I feel when I look at my ring clad hands. It definitely makes all these struggles totally worth it.

1. The Seemingly Random Ring Sizing Rules


OK, I know that if you go to a proper jeweler, there's an official ring sizing system in place. But when one set of small rings fit you perfectly in H&M but you need to pick up a large in Forever 21, I'm left questioning reality.

2. Matching Your Rings To Each Other


I don't know why, but I've always followed a self imposed, arbitrary rule that you can't wear gold and silver rings together, which makes my ring matching that little bit harder. Even if you're not opposed to mixing metals, sometimes it'll take forever to get your ring combos looking perfect.

3. Matching Your Rings To Your Outfit

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Just like all accessorizing, your ring choices can totally make or break an outfit. With something simple, wearing loads of rings — Kylie Jenner style — will look gorgeous but with something a little busier? It might just cause confusion. It's something so small to stress over, but stress I do.

4. Losing A Ring

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We all know that very specific type of dread that hits when you're out and about and that ring that was just a little too big falls to the ground and rolls away in a direction you didn't quite catch. Your heart breaks because you know it's never going to come back to you.

5. Getting A Ring Stuck

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This happens especially when you're out shopping, which makes it way more embarrassing. And tugging only tends to makes the situation worse. Keep calm and try twisting it off, instead of pulling. It usually works for me!

6. Having Green Fingers

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It's not just ring connoisseurs that recognize this struggle. If you've ever worn a ring period you know the pure frustration of taking your brand new chunky ring off to find a green finger underneath. Now I automatically paint all my jewelry with clear nail polish as soon as I get them, just in case.

7. Constantly Purchasing Clear Nail Polish

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Speaking of, this becomes a bit of a chore. Because not only are you using your base coat for its intended purpose, but you're also painting everything you own with it to keep all accessories looking pristine. So of course you're gonna run out way faster than most people.

8. Washing Your Hands

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Do you take all your rings off to wash your hands properly, or just deal with your rings sliding about your fingers due to all the soap and water? Especially in public, it gets a bit tricky to do the former.

9. Drying Your Hands

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Because once you've washed your hands, you've got to dry them. And the rubbing of a towel against your fingers usually ends with almost losing a ring or two.

10. Accidentally Buying Midi Rings

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Surely I'm not the only one who does this? Not that I don't love midi rings, it's just going to put them on and feeling like you've got the BFG's hands isn't a happy experience.

11. Leaving Rings Everywhere

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Because once they're off, it's easy enough to leave a trail of rings in your wake. You just have to hope they get left at a friend's place who's nice enough to return them.

12. Having Rings Go Brassy

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But the solution's the same as for any green fingers problem! Just paint them with clear nail polish before the issue even starts.

So, yes, the struggles of wearing a bunch of rings are real. But the coolness factor absolutely outweighs all the trouble.