All Of Bieber's Really Bad Influences

Justin. Justin. Justin. It's time for this guy to get a new set of friends. After the world learned of Justin Bieber's alleged egging spree and interrogation for vandalism, the story only got more embarrassing for him when authorities found drugs sitting in plain sight in his home and subsequently arrested his pal, Lil Za, for drug possession.

Wait, it gets better. Lil Za, who was about to be released from his holding cell yesterday, ripped the receiver off the prison phone and is now on bail for $75,000 and faces vandalism charges, according to E! News.

This is not the first time Bieber and his band of merry men have gotten themselves into trouble. Bieber, Lil Za, and Lil Twist were photographed smoking joints at a party last January. Lil Twist was arrested in July for a DUI after being caught speeding in one of Bieber's cars. Bieber later blamed the two for missing jewelry and kicked them out after the brothers hosted parties at Bieber's mansion, where the brothers were staying in September.

A year later, the Lil brothers continue to cause grief in Bieber's life, by shacking up in his house and keeping drugs on his coffee table. Needless to say, it is not a good scene.

The question must be asked: who even are these friends? Here's a much-needed guide to the mystery guys in Bieber's life:

1. Lil Za: Xavier Smith, who is also known by his Twitter followers as Lil Za, doesn't really do much besides chill on Bieber's couch. His only real claim to fame, besides being Bieber's bestie, is a YouTube music video called "Gangsta Shit." Poetic.

2. Lil Twist: A high school dropout, Lil Twist was born Christopher Lynn Moore in Dallas, Texas. After opening for a Lil Wayne concert when he was 12, the aspiring rapper was signed to Young Money Records in 2010, according to the rapper's website. He released an album in 2012, but he seems to keep busy driving Bieber's cars.

3. Chaz Somers: Somers is a childhood friend of Bieber's, but there are reports from fans that the pair had a falling out. There's not much else to say about this pal.

4. Maejor Ali: This famous music producer has produced songs in Justin Bieber's career and seems to be one of the very few positive influences in Bieber's life.

5. Ryan Butler: Butler is another one of Bieber's childhood friends. Bieber actually lived with Butler and his family for several years while his mother, a teenager at the time, struggled to make ends meet. Butler, who seems to be pursuing a career as a director, is often spotted tagging along with Bieber on trips and tours.

We hope "Egg-Gate" and this new drug scandal will serve as a much-needed wake up call for Justin Bieber — it's time to find new friends. These buddies just aren't good, well, eggs.