Kandi & Todd's Wedding Photos Are Beautiful

It's not exactly a surprise if you think Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss is the most down-to-earth woman on the show. She has a successful career outside of being a reality television star, she has a great family, and she is one of few women on RHOA who can be entertaining without being catty or stirring the pot. But when it came to her wedding to Todd Tucker, Kandi Burruss went pretty over-the-top. And lucky for fans, we got to watch the union take place on Bravo because the couple even had a multi-episode special detailing their wedding and the events leading up to it.

As we all know, planning the wedding was not the easiest experience for the couple. Kandi's mother, Mama Joyce, seriously had it out for Todd and did everything in her power to make the process difficult and attempted to break them up on several occasions. Mama Joyce even accused Todd of having an affair with Kandi's friend and called Todd's mom a prostitute.

Even with all that drama, the wedding went on as planned and everything was gorgeous. Even though the drama was filmed for Bravo, the photos tell a different story. The photos from Kandi and Todd's wedding depict a beautiful day that the couple went all out for.

Smiling Through The Drama

Kandi, Todd, and Mama Joyce look like a happy family here. It's a complete contrast from the crazy drama that we watched on television before the wedding.

Posing For A Group Photo

The whole crew looked very glamorous and overjoyed in this wedding photo. Once again, this is a nice contrast to the drama we were all accustomed to watching.

The Beautiful Wedding Cake

This cake looks too pretty to eat. Well, almost too pretty to eat. I'm not at all shocked that duo went all out with this grand cake

Nestling At The Altar

Kandi and Todd looked very at peace to finally become husband and wife. Such a sweet moment to have captured on camera!

Checking Out The Table Settings

Everything about this wedding was immaculate down to the forks and vases. The black and white table settings were very on point and so Kandi and Todd.

Hanging With The Bridesmaids

Kandi shared the spotlight with her bridesmaids when she asked them to all wear white gowns. They all looked stunning in this group shot!

Cheesing On The Dance Floor

Kandi was all smiles when she showed off her dress on the dance floor.

Eating The Cake

Kandi and Todd were way past trying to be cute in this photo. They were just focused on enjoying their wedding cake.

Showing Off The Dress

Kandi's wedding dress was very ornate as you can see from these photos of the front and back of the gown. It's not at all surprising that her dress would have so much great detail. She is such a perfectionist, after all.

Mama Joyce Trying Not To Smile

This would be the perfect picture if Mama Joyce had a smile on her face. SMH, Mama Joyce.

Walking Down The Aisle

Tom and Kandi are elated to walk down the aisle as a married couple. I've never seen bigger smiles.

Shaking It On The Dance Floor

The couple was enjoying one of their first dances at the reception. They were definitely hamming it up for the onlooking crowd.

Phaedra & Fantasia Posing At The Reception

Kandi's bridesmaids Phaedra Parks and Fantasia Barrino seemed to be enjoying themselves at the reception.

All of the behind the scenes drama was virtually undetectable in Kandi and Todd's wedding photos. Thankfully, these photos will serve as nice memories of a great day for the couple.