RuPaul's '93 Christmas Special Is Total Perfection

I know that for many for us, Christmas 2015 is going to be all about Sofia Coppola's A Very Murray Christmas on Netflix (is it wrong that I still harbor a lifelong crush on Bill Murray? If it is, then I don't want to know), but for those of us craving something a little more on the high end of the glamour spectrum with the perfect combination of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, then LGBT channel Logo has the perfect answer in store: a holiday special of RuPaul's Drag Race titled Green Screen Christmas .

Due to air on December 13th, the show promises everything you love about Drag Race alongside some extravagant festive sparkle. As EW reports, as well as featuring performances of some Christmas classics alongside songs from RuPaul's latest album Slay Belles (kudos to that title!), the celebrity will also be joined by some of the finest acts from Drag Race history including Shangela, Michelle Visage, Latrice Royale, Alyssa Edwards and Raja.

Frankly, I cannot wait, and this is a big reason why: Back in '93, RuPaul had what remains to be one of the greatest Christmas Specials in television history. A true holiday marvel in gloriously loud technicolor, RuPaul's Christmas Ball featured special guests LaToya Jackson, Boy George, and Elton John, alongside some spectacular drag sketches. So, why not use RuPaul's upcoming Christmas Special as the perfect opportunity to celebrate the '93 Christmas Ball for all of it's majestic, fabulous glory?

1. Insane '90s Graphics

'Twas the era of amateur green screen effects and dayglo color combinations, and it looked hella fierce!

2. RuPaul Works That Celebrity Aerobics VHS Vibe

Because back in the '90s, nothing signified that Christmas was just around the corner more than an influx of celebrities trying to sell "New Year, new you!" workout videos.

3. LaToya Jackson Appears As 'RuPauline'

'I'm the younger, prettier one, as you can plainly see!" says LaToya, playing the younger sister of RuPaul.

4. The Ultimate Shopping Channel Parody

I'm not kidding when I say that I want this for Christmas. Do you hear me, Santa?

5. Such Glorious Green Screen

Seriously, I can't believe that we ever even tried to progress past green screen. Just look at those colors!

6. RuPaul Takes On A Christmas Carol

And the Ghost of Christmas Past looks super cool. RuPaul has nothing to work out from Christmas past, if this Christmas Special is indication of anything.

7. Elton John Gives A Box Of Love Heart Chocolates As A Gift

Is this not the most charming thing ever? Look at his little face! And you can bet that by his high standards those chocolates cost more than I make in a year. Exquisite!

8. Elton And RuPaul Also Duet Together On "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"

This is totally a duet to die for, and it includes them going through a spectrum of wonderful costumes and dancing like crazy.

9. Boy George Retains Some Festive Cool

Whilst wearing an incredible red faux fur coat and being surrounded by shimmering baubles.

10. There's Also An Adorable Cameo From En Vogue

"We have just one more thing to say you, girlfriend; You'd better work!".

11. And An Even More Adorable Cameo From Nirvana

They sing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas," and Kurt Cobain has never looked cuter.

12. RuPaul Totally Nails The Finale With A Performance Of "Little Drummer Boy"

Seriously, it's powerful stuff! There's a nativity scene and everything.

I'm so glad to see that it doesn't look like the green screen aspect is going anywhere from the upcoming Green Screen Christmas special (the clue is in the title, people!), and if looking back on '93's outstanding serving up of festive treats wasn't enough to get you excited for RuPaul's Drag Race: Green Screen Christmas, then just check out the teaser video below. Santa, start your engines!

Images: LogoTV/YouTube; ChillMax/YouTube (12)