Jennifer Might Have A Secret On 'Scream Queens'

On the most recent episode of Scream Queens, the second Red Devil took to charge after killing Gigi and becoming the only killer on campus (probably?). Boone is dead, Gigi is dead, and the baby girl born in the bathtub is most likely the person underneath the second Red Devil costume. Now all that's left to figure out is who is the second Red Devil on Scream Queens . One by one, suspects are dying, or so it seems. What if the second Red Devil is someone who has died — just like Boone — and is just hiding in plain sight. If that's the case, anyone could be the Red Devil, including Jennifer, the candle vlogger.

Plot twist! What if Jennifer isn't really dead, but instead pulled a Boone 2.0 and pretend to die just so she could continue to kill off characters (including her faux mom, Gigi)? Honestly, we can't take anything at face value. Since Boone technically died, too, it wouldn't be absurd to think that his sister pulled the same stunt to keep killing (remember, both of their deaths were presented in showy ways). Theories that Jennifer is the Red Devil have been all over Reddit since the beginning of the show, because I guess you can't really trust a girl who eats candle wax.

Here are some of the most logical reasons why Jennifer could be the second Red Devil.

She Wouldn't Be At Kappa Without Gigi

While it was Dean Munsch that brought Jennifer into the house, it was Gigi who originally came up with the idea that all outsiders would be accepted at Kappa that year, Reddit user dodger8x points out. This would be the perfect way for Gigi to have eyes and years inside the house at all times, meaning that the other Red Devil very well could be any of the pledges. It's not Zayday, Grace, or Sam, which only leaves Deaf Taylor Swift and Jennifer (who stuck around for quite some time for a recurring character, if you ask me).

Sam Knows Her

Before Sam died in the bathtub in the basement, she asked the Red Devil to reveal herself. We can assume that it wasn't Boone that killed Sam, as we never saw the two interact, and Sam said she knew it was them. On the other hand, Sam and Jennifer were both pledges, which would make them familiar with each other.

She Also Knows Zayday

If Jennifer is the other Red Devil, then she is also Boone's sister. Before Boone outed himself for being alive and not Joaquin Phoenix, he was speaking to his co-Red Devil on the phone and asked if he/she has "talked to Zayday recently." While this happened in the episode after Jennifer was "killed," we have no way of knowing how often the Red Devils are in communication, so it wouldn't be outrageous to think that Boone would want to know if Zayday was thinking about him.

There Are Candles Everywhere

According to Reddit user dodger8x, candles make many appearances throughout the series, which might be one big clue to our killer. According to dodger8x's theory, the first time Grace sees the Red Devil, three girls holding candles pass by randomly. Also, let's talk about all of those candles by Boone's "dead" body, shall we?

She Knew About The Meat Locker

While Jennifer might not have had anything to do with Mrs. Bean's death, Reddit user dodger8x notes that she was aware that her body was taken to the meat locker, which would make her one of the handful of people to know where all of the dead bodies in Kappa go. If she knew about Mrs. Bean, she might have also found Chanel #2 and could have been able to move the bodies to Zayday's haunted house.

She's Completely Unexpected

Has anyone ever suspected her? All of the other girls on the show have been suspects at one time or another, which makes them seem like red herrings, if anything. No one has ever suspected the candle vlogger killed by the Red Devil, which might make her the perfect villain.

Images: Patti Perret/FOX; Giphy (6)