8 'Scream Queens' Characters We Need To See More Of Before The End Of Season 1

We are already three episodes deep into Scream Queens, and, while I'm not complaining about the amount of exposure certain characters have been given, I think it's about time Ryan Murphy digs a little deeper into the storylines of other characters on Scream Queens. And honestly, he better get on that STAT, because it looks like no one's guaranteed a long lasting spot, you know, with the Red Devil still running loose and all. Personally, I'd be pretty bummed if I didn't have the chance to bear witness to more of the lesser developed roles on my screen (i.e. Sam, the "Candle Vlogger", etc). Hell, even Scream Queens main characters haven't been given a whole lot of backstory to work with just yet.

It's clear that Season 1 is going to be one hell of a ride for the sisters at Kappa Kappa Tau, and, because it hasn't been officially confirmed that the series will have a Season 2 renewal, I'm hoping that my prayers to see more characters won't go unanswered. (Fox's Dana Walden did tell TheWrap that there's a strong possibility for a Season 2, but hey — you never know!) We've only got 10 episodes left in Season 1, and, just in case it doesn't get picked up again, these episodes have to count!

Here are all the characters that definitely need some more screen time.

1. Zayday, played by Keke Palmer

Zayday definitely has secrets to hide (see: chainsaw under bed, excessive hat wearing). Plus, Palmer is so good on screen, it's hard to not want way more of her.

2. Sam, played by Jeanna Han

Scream Queens has a chance to develop Sam into an interesting character, and I hope they give her more representation.

3. Boone Clemens, played by Nick Jonas

All I know is that Boone better come back and give us some answers. I would also still love to see him as a Kappa. Just sayin'.

4. Denise Hempill, played by Niecy Nash

Niecy Nash is an icon, and her over the top reactions just have to be featured more. *Drops the mic*

5. Gigi, played by Nasim Pedrad

She's already pretty much a main character, but her '90s references give me life, so naturally, I request more of her (and her denim skirts).

6. Jennifer, played by Breezy Eslin

Who is Jennifer? Will we ever get to see her elusive candle collection in full? I could use some tips.

7. Hester, played by Lea Michele

Because she's obviously a favorite of Ryan Murphy's (much like Emma Roberts), I have no doubt that Lea Michele would get some more screen time. Especially after her "makeover" and newly given role as "Chanel No. 6." In fact, there's speculation that Hester might even be the Red Devil.

8. Chanel No. 3, played by Billie Lourd

I just want to know already: why the earmuffs, yo?

OK, Scream Queens. We've got 10 more episode to go. Let's see what you've got in store for these characters.

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