6 'Grandfathered' Moments You Need To Re-live

by Caroline Gerdes

With the holiday season in full swing, there are plenty of things to be excited about, with the exception of television hiatuses, of course. The Tuesday, Dec. 1 episode of Grandfathered “Jimmy & Son” served as the series’ fall finale, and fans are already wondering when Grandfathered will return to finish out its season.

And, if you were fearing a long hiatus, I have good news. The show will only be off the air for a little over a month, with a winter premiere date of Jan. 5, continuing the series’ first season. While the show will stay on FOX’s Tuesday night schedule, the return of New Girl (yay!) will move Grandfathered into a new time slot, from 8:00 p.m. ET to 8:30 p.m. ET.

Much like Stamos’ Full House character Uncle Jesse, fans of Grandfathered have enjoyed watching Stamos’ Jimmy thrust into fatherhood. Jimmy, who first met his adult son and granddaughter in the Grandfathered pilot, has navigated his parental trials with the same charm and overall handsomeness, (have mercy), as Jesse did years ago. With the fall finale behind us, but fortunately more Grandfathered coming this winter, here are some of the family comedy's most memorable — and adorable — moments so far.

1. Edie’s Feminist Fairytale

Never forget that Gerald is one of the cutest, most feminist TV dads.

2. Edie’s Epic Birthday Party

Because what toddler doesn’t want a chainsaw wielding magician at her birthday party?

3. This Turkey Song

I’m a sucker for holiday TV, but this song is also pretty catchy.

4. Game Night

Somehow Jimmy makes the words “verbal incest” not sound creepy at all.

5. Protecting Edie From The Haters

I have to disagree with Jimmy here. Edie, you can have it all!

6. Full House References

In addition to appearances by Bob Saget and Dave Coulier, Grandfathered has honored its similarities to Full House with some fun references, like Jimmy’s affection for his hair and The Beach Boys.

I can't wait for more fun, adorable moments to come in the second half of Season 1!