Follow, Follow 'The Wiz Live!' Drinking Game

It's almost time for the third televised musical from NBC, and I'm going to be ready this time with a The Wiz Live! drinking game. The previous productions of The Sound of Music and Peter Pan were both filled with fun bits, weird moments, and hidden gems that made for a great night of television. The Wiz has an all-star cast and a new original Ne-Yo song to boot, so there's no reason not to be pumped for this journey down the yellow brick road.

There is also, with the many moving parts that make up both live television and musical theatre, plenty of opportunity for something to go wrong. However, I'm absolutely not advocating for us to root for this production to fail. We viewers should be having fun right alongside The Wiz stars. The greatest thing about these live musicals, and what NBC has figured out and tapped into, is that it binds us all into a giant community experience. It's rare that so many people gather around the television to enjoy something together in real time. Whether you're live-tweeting or playing our drinking game (if you're 21 or older), you're part of that community. And the best way to make sure you're on track with everyone else is to subscribe to the Drinking Game stream in the Bustle App, which will remind you of when to drink and how much, in real time as The Wiz Live! airs.

Below are all of the rules we'll be playing with. Be sure to drink responsibly. Thursday is a "school night," after all, so if you have something to be up early on Friday you don't have to commit to chugging or shots — just sip away if you want. Your drink doesn't even have to be alcoholic, just pour yourself something delicious, turn on NBC at 8 p.m., download the Bustle App, and get ready to enjoy The Wiz Live!

Sip Your Drink If...

  • Things get awkward —whether a joke doesn't land or a costume malfunctions. Drink away the secondhand embarrassment
  • Someone's voice cracks. Imperfections are the beauty of live performance!
  • Mary J. Blige/Queen Latifah/Uzo Aduba kills it (and your Mom invariably texts you "who knew Crazy Eyes could sing????")
  • There are technical issues with the set or camera
  • They say they're going to see The Wiz
  • They make homage to Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, and the other great performers who have played these roles

Take A Shot If...

Chug Your Drink If...

  • They cut to something on stage during commercials, like the unforgettable moment from Peter Pan Live! above
  • They sing "Ease On Down The Road" (spoiler alert: this will happen a lot)
  • Someone creates a hashtag or Twitter account for some aspect of the production.

Did you make it to see The Wiz? Finish your drink!

Images: David Giesbrecht/NBC; Giphy (2)