8 Times 'The Santa Clause' Seriously Made You Wish Your Dad Was Santa

Every little kid's heart broke when they saw Santa Clause fall off that roof in the 1994 holiday classic, The Santa Clause. Santa was dead. But, then, something magical happened for Charlie! His dad actually became Santa Clause. His dad didn't just wrap and put presents under the tree. His dad was Santa. The very Saint Nicholas we all watched in cartoons like clockwork every time Christmas comes around. The Santa that lives in the North Pole and flies a slay led by reindeer. And then, as a child, the jealousy immediately sets in. Why can't my dad be Santa? Charlie's childhood basically became amazing the second his dad decided to put on the dead guy's suit. (Despite how seemingly traumatizing that situation sounds like it should be. Wait...what did his dad do?! Never mind. Moving on.)

Basically, having your dad become Santa Clause is the dream for every Christmas-celebrating child. Considering that we've all watched Santa in multiple Christmas television and movie classics for as long as we can remember, having Santa as your dad is basically the equivalent of having Brad Pitt as your dad. But he's way cooler and is way more famous. (Sorry, Brad Pitt, but I'm pretty sure you don't have as many celebrity impersonators as the big man up North does).

So, here are all of the times that Charlie's dad being Santa meant he was the luckiest kid around, and made you wish that you were Charlie and/or Santa was your dad.

1. He Got To Go To The North Pole

Screw a vacation home! Charlie had a snowy, holiday, winter wonderland that he could visit anytime he wanted. It was like his own private little resort. And the other kids in his school? Well, it was so exclusive that they didn't even think it existed. Talk about a getaway.

2. He Got To Fly. In a Sleigh. Led By Reindeer.

No big deal. Just the ability to fly. All around the world. And have reindeer friends as your personal drivers.

3. Santa Was On-Call 24/7

We all get cellphones to keep in touch with our parents. But, Charlie? He had a snow-globe. And every time he would shake it, his dad would magically show up. Almost immediately. Monsters under the bed was forever a non-problem.

4. He Could Basically Get Whatever He Wanted

Want something? Just tell your dad, and he'll make sure the elves make a special request offer. He is Santa after all.

5. He Got Pictures With The Real Santa

Want a classic Christmas card? Just go take a picture with your dad! No impersonators here.

6. Christmas Eve Didn't Mean That A Stranger Was Breaking Into His House

Christmas Eve meant that dad was coming to visit. So you better not forget those milk and cookies!

7. His Dad Was Cooler Than All The Other Kids' Dads

OK, so maybe he couldn't exactly tell them that. But he knew his dad was the coolest! And that's a pretty awesome feeling for a kid to have.

8. He Could Never Deny That Santa Was Real

While everyone else grew up and stopped believing in Santa, Charlie knew in his heart that Santa Clause and the magic of the North Pole was real. And what's a better Christmas gift than that?

Charlie's life is awesome. But, remember, that doesn't mean we should go around knocking Santa off the roof just so our own fathers can take his place.

Images: Buena Vista Pictures; likeweneverhadabrokenheart/Tumblr; Giphy (8)